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GCW's "Fight Forever" 24-hour live stream isn't trying to be the independent wrestling event of the year. It's trying to be the indie wrestling moment of the decade.

Stakes are high. With a stated goal of $50,000 to be raised for professional wrestlers (you can donate HERE), the #FightForever live stream will be FREE to all viewers on GCW's YouTube channel as well as

The 'main events' are tremendous. Lio Rush and Blake Christian meet for the 3rd time. Redbeard (fka Erick Rowan) meets the legendary Homicide. Joey Janela competes in a trilogy of "we didn't know how much we needed this" matches, which are his forte.

Jordan Oliver and Tony Deppen have Twitter buzzing with their 60-minute Iron Man match for the Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship. Ironbeast and The End meet to determine the most dominant independent tag team since War Machine. Hell, even THE MORTONS are showing up to battle 44OH!

But what matches are the savvy wrestling fans watching? What match-ups are the wrestlers themselves most interested in? Here are 6 matches that could steal the weekend at GCW#FightForever.

6 Matches That Could Steal GCW’s Fight Forever 24-Hour Live Stream

Myron Reed vs. Brayden Lee

event: GCW The Wind of God

scheduled time: Friday January 29, 8 pm ET

Myron Reed's meteoric rise in wrestling has been a thrill to watch. Nobody's sleeping on the former MLW Middleweight Champion. Brayden Lee is not quite a household name, but matches like this one will show wrestling fans why he should be. A lot of pro wrestlers reacted well to this match on Twitter — you should pay attention.

The Rep vs. Faye Jackson & Willow Nightingale

event: For The Culture

scheduled time: Friday January 29, 10 pm

Four Tri-State standouts for years aim to put on a strong tag team showing. Faye and Willow are 2 crown jewels of women's wrestling. The Rep (Nate Carter & Dave McCall) are one of the most cohesive tag teams in North America. On a stacked For The Culture card, this could be the match we all leave talking about.

Nolan Edward vs. Wheeler Yuta

event: Jimmy Lloyd's Up All Night

scheduled time: Saturday January 30, 1 am

There are a few independent wrestlers that are measuring sticks. When you want to see what another wrestler's "got", you put them in there with a measuring stick. Wheeler Yuta is one of them. Nolan Edward is a hot rising name for his ability to excel in multiple styles, specifically a great recent run in ICW No Holds Barred. But does he have enough to hang with'Yuta?

Still Life vs. MV Young vs. Ace Perry

event: Effy's Big Gay Block

scheduled time: Saturday January 30, 10 am

3 wrestlers who are so unpredictable and unique do have one thing in common — they will break their backs to stand out. Still Life with Apricots and Pears might be the most singular character in independent wrestling today. MV Young has redefined himself as the Leader of the PolyAM Cult. And Ace Perry has quietly built his stock as one of the Midwest's most reliable show stealers, with his "BOLA night is every night" mantra.

Kaia McKenna vs. Holidead

event: Allie Kat's Real Hot Girl Shit

scheduled time: Saturday January 30, 12 pm

The most unique and potentially dynamic match scheduled for Allie Kat's Saturday block pits the relatively new Kaia McKenna against the experienced Holidead. McKenna brings a strong Black & Brave base of training into a confrontation with perhaps the most physically dominant unsigned woman in America.

Atticus Cogar vs. Daniel Garcia

event: VXS Rockstar Nights

scheduled time: Saturday January 30, 5 pm

These 6 matches are listed in chronological order, but this might be the best pure wrestling match of the weekend. Fans are usually so busy hating Cogar that they overlook his wrestling prowess. Daniel Garcia may be the ace of New England wrestling with his technical base, striking and submissions game.

Pound-for-pound, no 2 competitors will hit each other as hard this weekend as Cogar and Garcia. If they're given 15+ minutes, this match should be special.

You can read more about GCW's Fight Forever on Sports Illustrated's website.

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