15 years of passion, hard work & taco bell has made Alex Zayne the man & wrestler that he is today.  He took the independent wrestling scene by storm over the past couple of years & his time has finally come.

At 4p EST today, Alex Zayne will take on Tony Deppen at GCW's So Much Fun PPV.  Deppen was one of the men who really helped Zayne get a shot & get more eyes on him.


At the age of 3, Alex's Grandfather introduced him to wrestling, specifically Jake the Snake Roberts.  Alex was hooked.  He knew wrestling is what he wanted to do & when Alex Zayne was nspired by wrestlers such as; RVD, Jeff Hardy & Amazing Red.  BY the 4th grade he started backyard wrestling with his friends.  

Zayne went to his local wrestling school in Kentucky, Central Wrestling Associated (CWA), so that he could get the correct license to wrestle in his state.  But it was the wrestling tape community that helped Zayne learn even more.

Zayne started wrestling in 2005, but took a couple of breaks from independent wrestling.  Zayne would do some backyard SuperShows for friends that he made along the way & in 2017 did some work for 3-2-1 Battle & Resolute Wrestle.  It was at this time that Zayne decided to go all-in & try to make in wrestling.

Since the time Zayne started in 2005, till 2017 when he decided to go all-in, the independent scene really blew up.  This had a lot to do with social media & the multitude of live streaming.  Zayne could now get more eyes on himself that he could just not get with wrestling in Kentucky.

In 2019, Zayne wrestled a match verse his friend Tony Deppen at GCW's Backyard Wrestling.  Zayne landed a 630 senton to the outside putting Deppen through a table.  It was this spot that went viral & broke the internet.  Everybody, everywhere now had eyes on Alex Zayne & he took this opportunity & ran wild.

Zayne just started exploding on the scene & wrestling everywhere on the independent scene from 2018-2020.  Zayne would perform for promotions such as; GCW, Black Label Pro & Warrior Wrestling; just to name a few.  It was the amazing matches that Zayne put on at these promotions, as well as, his match at Pizza Party Wrestling vs Robbie Eagles that opened the door even further.

In 2020, Zayne wrestled two matches for Ring of Honor, even shocking Bandido in his debut.  Zayne also got an opportunity with New Japan Pro Wrestling.  He wrestled in NJPW Strong & The New Beginning (USA Tour).  Everybody was talking Alex Zayne.  All eyes were on Zayne & there was rumblings of Zayne garnering interest from the likes of the WWE. 

Zayne's passion, hard work & plethora of taco bell has paid off.  Today Zayne will wrestle his final independent match verse his friend, Tony Deppen, the man who helped him get that spot on GCW's Backyard Wrestling.  

GCW's So Much Fun will take place at 4p EST & can be seen at IWTV.  

It is appointment viewing.  Besides a stacked card, it will be the culmination of Alex Zayne's journey.

This leaves us wondering, what is next for Alex Zayne? (Besides a trip to Taco Bell)  Where will we see him next?  Well, it will be sooner than later & then everybody will know.  

Thank You Alex Zayne.

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