In what is quickly becoming a stacked tournament, entrant number sixteen out of twenty for the Heavy Hitters 3 tournament has been announced as Anthony Greene! Greene was recently released by WWE where he performed as August Grey. Greene is back on the independent scene now, having a match with Rob Killjoy scheduled for August 13th. His name being added to Heavy Hitters 3 strengthens an already fantastic line up, seen below.


The tournament itself is also incredibly unique. The show is put on both Paradigm and Ohio Wrestling Alliance. Each company is in charge of five opening round matches. The Paradigm matches are UWFi, with one being Terminal Combat, while the OWA are Strong Style, with one being a street fight. The ten winners will then face off in a gauntlet, as outlined below. 


Heavy Hitters 3 airs live on IWTV September 11th, at 8 EST, and in the meantime you can watch the first two tournaments, which were under different structures than this one, on demand anytime on IWTV.

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