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So I've decided beginning this week to preview Beyond Wrestling's Uncharted Territory weekly series. The show is now on its third season, and each season lasts for 13 episodes. Tonight we head into episode 3, and you can get caught up on the first two episodes, and first two seasons for that matter, on IWTV. This episode is incredibly stacked, so let's take a look.

holliday vs cabana

Richard Holliday vs Cabana Man Dan

You might be familiar with Holliday through MLW, but he's been killing it in Beyond lately. Cabana Man Dan just gets better every time I see him, and this past year he has really reached new heights. This one doesn't have too much story behind it, but these two don't need it. This should be a great time.

vsk and mark vs teddy and lmk

VSK and Smart Mark Sterling vs Teddy Goodz and Little Mean Kathleen

Okay, so if you aren't familiar with Mark Sterling, he's Matt Cardona's lawyer/manager. Teddy wants a shot at Cardona on November 7th and if he and Kathleen win, they get it. Expect Mark to be up to shenanigans in this match. VSK, Goodz and Kathleen are all great wrestlers as well, so this could have good action, or could just be a set up for the November 7th show.

6 man tag

Aaron Rourke and Shook Crew vs Bojack, Diego Hill, and BK Westbrook

Aaron Rourke has recently teamed with Bobby Orlando and Bryce Donovan as Club Cam with manager Cam Zagami(and don't forget Bobby Jr. the stuffed goat). This team has been doing fantastic, but they have a massive challenge this week. Bojack, Diego and BK got this match because of how good they looked at IWTV Untitled. I'm very excited for this match because they represent Premier Wrestling Federation out of Jacksonville, North Carolina. Bojack especially has been impressing me the last few months, and he will actually be covered on Indie Talent Showcase in a couple of weeks. I have to root for my local guys, but Club Cam has been on a roll and I wouldn't be shocked if they won.

trish vs eel

Trish Adora vs Eel O'Neal

So this match spun out of a trios match on week one against Club Cam(see above) and Trish and Eel started fighting after the match. Jordan recently faced Trish for the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Championship in the belt's home company of F1ght Club, so that is boiling just under the surface as their partner faces Adora. I expect no matter who wins this won't be over.

prize city hooligans

Maine State Posse vs Prize City Hooligans

Aiden Aggro and The Dangerkid are fantastic, but they face the brand new team of Alec Price and Becca. The Prize City Hooligans are easily the rising main villains of this season, and I expect them to pick up their first team win here. MSP won't go down easy, but ultimately, Prize City will probably come out on top, even if it's not clean. This should be a good introduction to MSP though, and everyone's introduction to Prize City Hooligans.

tag team gauntlet

Amazing Graysons vs Waves and Curls

The Discovery Gauntlet has been in all three seasons of Uncharted Territory and is a staple feature of the show. Basically, two wrestlers start on week one, and the winner moves on to week two. This gives people who haven't been on Beyond much or at all a chance to show their stuff. This season we have a tag team gauntlet instead and so far it's been delightful. Week one saw Mane Event beat 9-5, and then lose in week two to Waves and Curls. I have a feeling Waves and Curls will move on, but this is kind of personal to me. I saw the Amazing Graysons in person years ago at a county fair show in Middletown, New York. Not only were they good in the ring, they're great people. I've been rooting for them since, and I'm so happy to see their Beyond debut! Best of luck boys! All that being said, Waves and Curls looked very strong last week, and given how much they rule in Limitless Wrestling, they seem destined to go far in the gauntlet.

megan vs willow

Megan Bayne vs Willow Nightingale

Megan Bayne is unstoppable. This woman is just wrecking every division she steps into, and is still undefeated in both Beyond and Women's Wrestling Revolution+. I love Willow and she always puts on a phenomenal match, and frankly she could be the one to finally beat Megan, but I'm just not sure it'll be this week. Bayne's rise has been a highlight of 2021 for me, and I don't know if it's going to end yet. That being said Nightingale is just about everyone's favorite wrestler. She is amazing in and out of the ring, and if anyone could beat Bayne, it's Willow.

matt vs davey

Davey Richards vs Matt Makowski

Oh this is going to be good. I'm a massive fan of Weapon X Matt Makowski, and after a great Spring it felt like his Summer slowed down. This match is the kind of fight I want to see him in weekly, and he's the kind of guy you can build a show around. Richards has been having a great year touring the indies as well, and this match feels like a dream come true. Just sit back and enjoy the magic.

Uncharted Territory airs Thursdays at 8PM Eastern on IWTV.

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