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After a fantastic episode last week we're back with more Uncharted Territory. The card is shaping up nicely and progressing stories that have been building all season so far. Headlining though is a match that had to be cancelled from an earlier show, so that's incredibly exciting! Let's take a look at what's coming our way tonight.

dickinson and nintingale

Willow Nightingale and Chris Dickinson vs The Kirks

Dickinson and Nightingale are such a great team up, and this is their first test as a team. The crowd can't be more behind them, but putting them against the super heel Kirks is a great idea to build even more excitement. No way they lose here, but it'll be a wonderful first match for them building up to their fight with Prize City Hooligans that we know is coming.

ryan galeone vs makowski

Ryan Galeone vs Matt Makowski

This one has me drooling. It's two big beefy boys going to just beat the absolute pudding out of each other, and that makes me happy. Galeone recently returned to Beyond, while Makowski has been making Beyond his in 2021. This fight is over the face and soul of Beyond, and secretly could be match of the night. 

kings of the district vs the rep

Kings of the District vs The Rep

Oh HELL YES. This was just announced on Wednesday and it's a banger. Jordan and Eel said they've been waiting for this, and this is sure to be a banger. You've got two fantastic tag teams ready to tear down the building. The crowd is going to lose it, and I can't predict a winner. I actually think this will go to a no contest because of Trish Adora interference but that's a long shot. It would set up a rematch and would anyone be mad with more of this pairing?

ted goodz next to alex reynolds

Ted Goodz vs Alex Reynolds

Have I mentioned I love Beyond? Alex Reynolds returns to face Ted Goodz 9 days before Goodz fights Cardona. Usually I would say a returning big name like Reynolds would win, but Goodz needs the momentum. As such this could really go either way, and I expect it to be a back and forth contest. Unless Mark Sterling gets involved though, I think Goodz will pick up the win. He needs the win, and Reynolds will be perfectly fine.

john silver vs aaron rourke

John Silver vs Aaron Rourke

Speaking of the Dark Order, I think Silver will win. Rourke has a long way to go before his redemption arc, and I don't think it starts here. In fact, I think Shook Crew attacks him after or before the match. They won't interfere, as we can't have that many screwy finishes in one episode, but they will certainly be a presence. I don't think both Dark Order members lose here though, so it's got to be Silver winning.

waves and curls

Waves and Curls vs Dante Cabellero and Joe Keys

We have two MCW and ROH Dojo graduates taking on Waves and Curls as the Tag Team Discovery Gauntlet continues. It seems to me that Waves and Curls are going to go on a long run this season, so I don't think it ends here. I have a feeling that we still have a few weeks left, but Dante and Joe should be a great challenge nevertheless.

wheeler yuta vs masha

Masha Slamovich vs Wheeler Yuta

This is the match that feels like it would never happen. It was scheduled for Borscht at the Beach but had to be cancelled. I've written about both these wrestlers before, and with Masha off to Impact and Wheeler possibly to AEW, this might be the only chance we get. This will be such an interesting clash of styles, and I for one can't wait.

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