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On June 24th at 8PM ET on IWTV we will see the debut of the brand new promotion Combat Fights Unlimited. This shoot-style all women's promotion looks to be the first of its kind in pro wrestling. With cagefights and a ruleset designed to truly evoke an MMA feel, we're in for a treat with the one night tournament Shoot to Thrill.

vonstarr vs brooks

Before the main show starts we have an alternates match that will air on IWTV's Facebook page. Vita Vonstarr takes on Jessie Brooks. Vonstarr recently earned a shot in ROH's Women's Tournament but she faces an entirely different challenge in Brooks who has BJJ experience and can end this quick if Vonstarr isn't careful.

copeland vs skye

Our show opener sees Limitless wrestling favorite Kennedi Copeland taking on Zoey Skye in what should be a great quarterfinal match. Skye has been wrestling for 14 years, and despite this being a new ruleset for her, that experience has to come into play.

slamovich vs mimi

Next up we have Masha Slamovich vs Notorious Mimi. Mimi has an amateur wrestling and Tae Kwan Do background which should help, but Masha frightens me. She has been in her fair share of deathmatches lately, which means don't expect her to go down easy. The Russian Dynamite is one tough fighter.

blade vs frost

I can't believe this match is happening but we have Jodan Blade vs Lady Frost. If you've read other articles of mine you know I'm a huge fan of the Ankle Breaker Jordan Blade, and her submission holds are second to none. Lady Frost is a tremendous talent though, and this is her first time in a shoot-style match, so anything can happen here.

lyn vs kai

This final quarterfinals match is sort of a dream match for me, as two Tae Kwon Do blackbelts face off in Ray Lyn vs Janai Kai. I've sung Kai's praises many, many times, but this match should be spectacular as she faces a mirror image of herself fighting style wise in Lyn. Either woman could easily win this with one solid kick.

Two more wrestlers are announced for the show, and based on how we have all the tournament fighters, I assume they will be in a non tournament special fight. I'll post when that is confirmed, but so far both Allysin Kay and Edith Surreal have been announced but neither have opponents. The entire Shoot to Thrill tournament will take place on June 24th on IWTV, and stay tuned to wrestlingnewsworld as next week I will have an interview with the promoter of CFU about this brand new company!

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