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Last week I posted a show previews, and today I bring you an interview with the owner of brand new promotion, Combat Fights Unlimited!

Justin: So to start tell everyone who you are and your position at Combat Fights Unlimited.

Mayydayy: Well my professional name is Mayydayy (@Mayydayy86), though obviously that’s not what’s on my driver’s license haha. I am the owner, promoter, (and I guess matchmaker?) of CFU.

J: The debut event will be on June 24th on IWTV, but how long has this been in the works.

M: Over two years! We spent about a year getting all the funding together, and were all set to debut in early 2020 when the pandemic broke out, forcing us to delay an entire EXTRA year. Luckily, we hadn't actually announced anything yet, so we never had to "publicly" delay or cancel. We were quite literally ONE DAY away from making our debut announcement, around March 2020-ish, and starting up the hype machine, when the world ended. So in THAT sense I'm sort of thankful. It was a looooong year though, waiting for things to open up enough to finally run the show.

Big non-tournament match

Big non-tournament match

J: What first inspired the idea for CFU.

M: I absolutely love shoot style wrestling and wanted more of it. It's really that simple.

J: You've got some wonderful wrestlers experienced in shoot style wrestling at this show like Jordan Blade and Janai Kai. When looking for talent do you lean more towards wrestlers who have already done shoot style or wrestlers who you think could make that transition?

M: We definitely look for wrestlers with some kind of shoot fight training, be it BJJ, Tae Kwon Do, etc. That's why we felt it important to list out everyone's "credentials" in the roster reveals. For some, like Lady Frost, this is their first "professional" shoot style event, but they all have SOME degree of shoot fighting experience or else they wouldn't be here.

The bracket

The bracket

J: What should we expect when watching a CFU show? Is there a rule set? Will win/loss records be kept up with? Should we expect tournaments or titles?

M: There is a rule set, which we will cover as we get closer (as well as during the broadcast itself.) It's pretty similar to the Unified Rules of MMA, but we do make some small changes. 12-6 elbows are completely legal, for example. As are soccer kicks. There are absolutely no pinfalls, and no standing eight count, though the referee does have the power to stop the fight via KO/TKO if a fighter is not intelligently defending themselves. Wins and losses will be tracked, and the first show is quite literally an old-school one-night tournament. As for titles... no comment at this time haha.

J: Of course from the teaser image we saw that this first show will be at the H20 academy. Is that going to be "home base" for CFU?

M: I'm honestly not sure. If they'll have us back, we'd love to BE back, and we're certainly looking to stay at least somewhat local.

lyn vs kai

J: Shoot Style wrestling, while certainly a category, is still quite varied. Everything from Battlearts to Bloodsport falls under it. Is there a certain shoot company you're looking to the most whether it be in presentation or ruleset or was there another influence?

M: It's so cliche, but we really did look at a little of everything for influence. When scouting talent, I sent them a Google Drive link of shows and matches to watch to get an idea of what we're looking for, and it pulled from everything from BattlArts and Bloodsport like you mentioned, to Paradigm Pro UWFi Rules (and the original UWFi) and ROH Pure Rules, to more obscure stuff like JTO and even Pancrase and old-school pre-Zuffa UFC.

J: What's the excitement been like behind the scenes as you build to this first show?

M: My go-to answer has been "Pick an emotion and I'm probably feeling it right now," haha. Everyone is super excited, most of the roster has never done anything quite like this before, so they're all super hyped to throw down. Several have already asked when the next show will be!

J: The names announced so far for the roster: is this for the first show or should we expect to see them around for at least the near future? 

M: Same answer as H2O. If they want to come back, we'd love to HAVE them back. That said, schedules don't always line up, and we DO want to bring in some new faces. Several new talents have already reached out. There's definitely one VERY specific match that I can't WAIT to do, that we weren't able to get done on this card. I can't say much more than that, but you'll understand after the show haha.

blade vs frost

J: Finally, for anyone who hasn't seen shoot style, why should they make this show their first?

M: Because I don't think anything quite like this has been done before. I had a very specific style of match/show that I've always wanted to see, one that really blends shoot style pro wrestling with full-on MMA/Vale Tudo. From ruleset to roster to presentation, it's a perfect blend. A few promotions and shows have come close, but no one ever fully did it how I thought it should be done. Finally I just said fine, I'll do it myself! And I'm incredibly proud of the final product. Hopefully everyone else is too!

Combat Fights Unlimited: Shoot to Thrill airs Thursday June 24th at 8pm Eastern, exclusively on IWTV. Don't miss it!

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