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Today brings great news for fans of Japanese wrestling. The streaming service Wrestle Universe is being relaunched on a new website with an English friendly interface. Wrestle Universe, formerly DDT Universe, is home to DDT, NOAH, Tokyo Joshi Pro, and more Japanese wrestling promotions.


DDT reported today several changes coming to the service. Specifically, "a completely updated web design, a time-shift function for live streams, the ability to switch between Japanese and English commentary in one video, and an English-ready user interface. " In addition, DDT is working on a phone app that should be out by the end of the year. To show how much emphasis they are putting on the English accessibility, Wrestle Universe has launched an English language Twitter.

In addition to the new platform, Wrestle Universe wants to celebrate by giving three free months! Simply pay for January 2022, and get October through December free. I can't wait to dig into the catalouge they have available for some great promotions. Wrestle Universe costs 900 Yen per month(currently about $8.23). Existing Wrestle Universe users can see the transfer process on the above linked news article, and the new platform begins October 1st.

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