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So on Wednesday March 17th the finale of Paradigm Pro Wrestling No Hook aired, and I have not screamed that loud at my TV in years. I don't want to give spoilers in this article but in a few paragraphs I'm going to list some shows I suggest you see first. You don't have to watch them to get No Hook but it really helps. As that could give a hint of where the show goes I'm saving that for the end of the article. So what exactly is No Hook and why am I obsessed with it?


No Hook is a series from Paradigm Pro Wrestling produced by the always excellent J-Rose. The show had a pilot of sorts that aired during season one of UWFI contender's series that is definitely worth watching but doesn't really tie into the main plot here. The pilot was more of a straight take on the premise of No Hook: an experimental new show mixing Hip Hop and Wrestling with music videos and a feeling of a mixtape through the whole show. No Hook the series claims to be a continuation of that, and certainly is to an extent, it's a mystery show at its heart. The show is a mix of a wrestling show and an audio drama as we watch the actual No Hook tapings and between matches get audio clips from wrestlers during the taping and conversations between J-Rose and IWTV officials. It all comes together to form a cohesive product and the audio segments are taken to another level with the music playing. That's where the Hip Hop element comes in, as all the songs playing get credited onscreen. Everyone talks about how such and such is like nothing else on television, but believe me when I say you have never seen another wrestling show like No Hook. 

no hook 2

So that covers the production side of things, but what actually happens in the show? Everyone gathers together to compete at No Hook including fights for the Paradigm Wrestling Championship and Championship Chain. The story involves a hacker, dark magic, an underdog story and mysterious attacks. Look at this point if you're not even curious No Hook probably isn't for you, but this show had me hooked about two seconds in. To say too much about matches and which ones you should watch would be spoilers because this isn't the kind of show where you can just pick out a couple matches: you truly need to watch the whole thing. From the first episode though, the show builds to Don't Die Miles vs Myron Reed, and other memorable characters include Nolan Edward, Charlie Kruel, Ken Broadway, Charles Mason, Calvin Tankman, and of course, my new favorite weasel, Jody the Wrestler. His talking during matches make him both endearing and just so punchable, and you will certainly remember him. The characters are what really make No Hook shine, as you will constantly want to know what the characters will do next. 


Again, all this is thanks to J-Rose who not only did editing and producing, but ring announcing. I don't want to fanboy too hard here, but the man is a genius. In an era of cinematic matches J-Rose gave us a prestige limited series showing us what an experimental wrestling series can be. As someone who studied film in college, I can't help but gush over everything this show tries and almost always succeeds at. No Hook has redefined what a wrestling show can be, and I love it for that. As much as J-Rose is responsible, if the wrestlers didn't throw themselves into the story, it would have felt flat. Fortunately everyone here is committed and the entire project comes off as genuine even in its more insane moments. To make magic wrestling gear sincere takes commitment, and everyone here plays their part brilliantly.

nolan edward

This is where I would do match suggestions but again, you need to watch the whole thing. Trust me it's worth it. If you want to be just as shocked as I was come the finale then I would watch The Masked Wrestler, the No Hook pilot, UWFI contender series season one because there is some crossover, and New South HOSS night 2. These aren't required but trust me you will scream. This show is now fully on demand on IWTV and is worth binging. You have never seen another show like No Hook and with season two in the works, there's no better time than right now to watch.

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