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On March 28th, Edith Surreal made history by winning the first ever Cassandro Cup: a tournament to celebrate the biggest stars in the LGBTQ+ community. Surreal, formerly known as Still Life with Apricots and Pears, which she was still going by when this show was filmed, has been a rising star the last couple of years. She was a lot of people's pick to win the win the tournament, myself included, and beat Ashton Starr in the finals. Ashton had some great matches to get there against Jared Evans and AC Mack, while Surreal beat Erica Leigh and Killian McMurphy. For winning the tournament, Surreal will fight Lee Moriarty at IWTV Family Reunion for the IWTV Championship in a match that I truly believe might be the best match of mania week.

edith vs lee

Elsewhere on the show Brooke Valentine won the Britney Spears open invitational, MV Young beat Devon Monroe, Kings of the District beat Bussy, and after losing to Billy Dixon, Darius Carter debuted his new stable of himself, Molly McCoy(now Theysey Jones), Killian McMurphy, and The Kings of the District(Jordan Blade and Eel O'Neil) as the Better Business Bureau and wow they're good. It was an amazing show and I can't wait to see the next show Butch vs Gore puts on. 

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