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It is very quickly becoming one of my most anticipated Mania week shows and if you aren't excited for it then you must not have seen the card yet! This whole thing, top to bottom is stacked, and Saturday April 10th at noon Tony Deppen will present BierHaus, and we are all better off for it. We have first time encounters, must see match ups, and overall, great wrestling. 

grimm vs kirk

Simon Grimm vs Brandon Kirk

I expect this to be the most hard hitting encounter of the show. You've got a Bloodsport fighter taking on a deathmatch star, while both of these men are also very talented in traditional pro wrestling matches. Grimm has put on some amazing shoot style fights, and hardcore as well if we look to places like Zelo, and Kirk is freaking Brandon Kirk, I've seen that man get so bloody it would make Mick Foley blush. Seriously, this could be a great catch-as-catch match, or it could be a war, either war, do not miss this. 

tank vs manders

Tank vs One Called Manders

This is going to be a good old fashioned hoss fight. Manders and Tank both hit hard and harder than you'd expect. Both men are used to hardcore as well, and we don't know what direction this show will go in, but if it wants to get hardcore these two can hang with the best of them. 

brayden lee vs ace austin

Brayden Lee vs Ace Austin

My sweet little Gambit wannabe takes on Brayden Lee, and I couldn't be happier. Brayden has a very big mania week shaping up for him, and Ace is still the Impact X-Division Champion. this wasn't the first match I was expecting on the card, but it could easily steal the show. That's the hard part of writing this: any match could steal the show.

matt vertigo vs myron reed

Matt Vertigo vs Myron Reed

This could really be a welcome party of sorts for Vertigo. I'm afraid it's true that I'm not too familiar with Vertigo, but from what I've seen, I'm very excited. Reed is a great wrestler and can absolutely get people over. I can't think of a better person for Vertigo to make his name with than Reed, and although I'm not sure who will win, both men will look great coming out of this.

jd drake vs jordan oliver

JD Drake vs Jordan Oliver

First time ever, but it feels like it should have headlined a PPV by now. JD Drake is proving himself on bigger and bigger stages every week, and Oliver just feels like he's about to explode into the stratosp

here. These two absolutely can put on a great show together, and for this match to not be one of the most talked about from the weekend I'd be surprised. 


Six Way Scramble

Eric Corvis vs. Joey Silver vs. The Whisper vs. Cole Radrick vs. Ellis Taylor vs. Jared Evans: now that's a match. Six great wrestlers putting on a scramble, that's what indie shows are all about! I have a few favorites here but my money's on Cole Radrick to get the win here. He's a great talent and seems poised to succeed. 

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