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This is a moment I've been waiting months for and I'm so incredibly happy it's happening. For those who don't know, the ICW No Holds Barred Pitfighter X shows take place in a cage with no wrestling ring. The matches are brutal and usually focus on striking, traditional martial arts, and/or hardcore fighting. The shows began last year as a result of a torrential downpour, where two wrestlers got in some dirt with some barricades and the pit was born. And now, this June we will see the first of what I hope to be many women's matches. Women in deathmatch have always been there, but unfortunately don't always get seen by as many people. Hopefully after this pit fight match we get to see women in the chains as well! I want to specify that women have been in ICW No Holds Barred before, such as Tessa Blanchard, but this is the first match of only women, and what a great match it looks to be!

Sadika facing Thunder Rosa

Sadika facing Thunder Rosa

Sadika is mostly known in Mexico, but I did catch a match of hers before as she fought in Zona 23. Zona 23 is a deathmatch company that usually fights in an actual junkyard. ICW No Holds Barred is in partnership with Zona 23, currently expecting the first crossover show later this year, and I feel this may be what led to Sadika being on this card, and I couldn't be happier. She's a gritty fighter who absolutely belongs here and I can't wait for more American Deathmatch fans to know her work!


Do I even need to say more about Kimber Lee? It's freaking Kimber Lee. Beyond, Shimmer, Shine, WSU, Jersey All Pro(hey Danny Demanto knows something about that place) and even a stint in WWE. Kimber has seen and done it all, but now she steps into the freaking pit, where we just fight. This match is sure to be great and memorable and! 

also on the card so far is Justin Kyle vs MMA legend Phil Baroni in what should be an all out brawl, and make sure you catch it on IWTV June 25th at 8 PM. 

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