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At Pro Wrestling Noah Destination 2021 Keiji Mutoh pinned Go Shiozaki to win the GHC Heavyweight Championship. He has now won the Heavyweight Title in All Japan, New Japan and Noah, a feat only done by two other men. Mutoh joins Kensuke Sasaki and Yoshihiro Takayama in this elite class. The win was quite shocking to see as he won with a rollup off a frankensteiner, surprising the commentators and everyone in attendance. 

Mutoh is best known to American fans as The Great Muta, especially for his time in WCW. He is 58 as of now, and is one of the last of his era. He began wrestling in 1984, and this is possibly the last great accomplishment he will have before retiring. Going forward, we will see how long he holds the belt. This could be a great final reign for Mutoh, or it could be a short symbolic reign to give him the feat of winning the big three belts. 

Go Shiozaki put a great fight, and had a great reign. His last title defense against Takashi Sugiura received five stars from Meltzer, so it was no slouch that Mutoh beat. As of this writing it's unclear if Shiozaki will get a rematch or if Mutoh will face a new challenger. We've seen already that Shiozaki can hold the belt well, but a new young wrestler beating Mutoh would certainly get their career off with a bang. 

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