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In a match that could very well steal the show, Pretty Boy Smooth will face Suge D at Ohio Wrestling Alliance's High Gravity. PB Smooth can often be seen tag teaming with OWA champion Tre Lemar as 40 Acres. He's also an established singles wrestler as well, facing the likes of Lord Crewe, Hot Sauce Tracy Williams, and MJF. He's a hot talent who just gets better every time he wrestled. 


Suge D, also known as Sugar Dunkerton or Pineapple Pete, might be better known to AEW fans. He gained quite a bit of notoriety last year, but has been putting on great performances for years at this point, and I'm just happy to see him finally getting the praise he deserves. This match is going to a banger for sure and joins the already stacked card including matches like Joshua Bishop vs Gary Jay and Max the Impaled vs O'Shay Edwards. High Gravity airs April 23rd on IWTV.

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