Synergy Pro Wrestling a wrestling promotion based out of New Jersey is hosting an event where all proceeds will go to three wrestling schools, New England Pro Wrestling Academy, H2O Wrestling Center in New Jersey, and the Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) School in Ohio.

The event is called "PromoMaster" where 12 wrestlers will go head to head in a promo battle to entertain you, the fans. You will be able to donate to this event and have the ability to choose matchups or even sponsor a battle.

Synergy has given us the following statement regarding this event:

"We're all thinking about the wrestlers and promotions right now, and rightfully so. But wrestling schools are the backbone of our whole industry, and if they can't survive this pandemic we're all in a lot of trouble."

"Between some of the wrestlers involved with PromoMaster and myself, we selected 3 schools we value, trust and believe in - the New England Pro Wrestling Academy, the H2O Wrestling Center & AIW's school. We're hoping to raise enough money to help them all survive this time off and come back thriving."

Colin West will be available on the "Putting You Over" Podcast" live tonight at 10pm est to discuss this event and Synergy Wrestling. If you would like to donate to this event to help out wrestling schools that are in need you can do so HERE. You can follow Synergy Pro Wrestling @SynergyWrestle and they will be using the Hashtag PromoMaster on social media for this event. 

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