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I've been on a bit of a break previewing Paradigm shows, but they have been BUSY. May had a crap ton of shows from Paradigm, and I'm here to give you the rundown on what you need to know, what to watch, how to watch, and the order to watch.

Let's start with order. If you watch any of the shows from May you'll notice the timeline that appears at the start. Due to Paradigm having some shows live, some shows released out of orders, and seasons taking longer to air than single events, paradigm needed a timeline. In general, you're good to go on Paradigm until season two of UWFi Contenders Series. After that is season two of No Hook, which as of this writing is still airing. Next is Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See, which was a special no crowd show built around Lee Moriarty vs Suge D but was a whole length event. After that is Pawcade 2, a charity show produced with that while part of the Paradigm timeline, also set up events for next year's Pawcade. Finally we have Terminal Combat. This show is absolutely great and unique, and we'll get into why later. No Hook will continue airing but the next event to take place will be Cole Radrick and the Super Middleweight Grand Prix, which will air as season three of UWFi Contenders Series. After that will be Reasonable Doubt, part of the three company triple threat happening that weekend. So that's the watch order, but what are these shows.

pawcade 2

The first thing to air in May was Pawcade 2, and despite taking place after later airing shows, Pawcade is a great watch without the background information. There are some great matches here such as Kerry Awful vs Nolan Edward(can't wait to see the fallout of that one) Hoodfoot vs Billie Starkz, and the big main event of Ron Mathis vs Gnarls Garvin. Every match feels different as we get title matches, no DQ matches, a Dog Collar match, a UWFi match, and even a rumble. This show has something for everyone and benefits an animal shelter!

put your hands

After that was Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See, again taking place before Pawcade. This show has probably the least amount riding on past shows apart from how some groups formed on No Hook season two, and is mostly just a series of incredibly strong matches. As mentioned earlier, the main hook for the show was Lee Moriarty vs Suge D, but matches like Kerry Awful vs Akira, Gnarls Garvin vs Calvin Tankman, Billie Starkz vs Everett Connors and a star making turn from Dylan Derringer as he fights Myron Reed for the Paradigm title. This show lives and dies on its wrestling, and it's fantastic wrestling.

no hook

The next Wednesday saw the debut of season two of No Hook, and if you haven't seen No Hook then holy crap are you missing out. This intense Drama filled series picks up where season one left off: Kerry Awful now runs the show with J-Rose, and is purely out to cause chaos. Mixing hip hop, wrestling, and audio drama, there is truly nothing else like No Hook in wrestling today or before. People like Chase Holiday, Sandra Moone, Suge D, Myron Reed, and in my opinion the breakout star of No Hook, Jody Himself(formerly known as Jody the Wrestler). Only two episodes of this season have aired so far so I can't say too much, but if you arent' watching No Hook, time to binge

terminal combat

Airing between episodes one and two of No Hook but taking place after everything else we've discussed today(like I said I'm glad they include a timeline) this show is something special. The first five minutes of each match take place under UWFi rules, and if the match goes past that it becomes a hardcore match where weapons are encouraged. The matches that you expect to go into Terminal Combat aren't always the ones that do. It creates such an interesting tension in every match and leads to some fantastic matches. The final three matches especially: Chase Holliday vs Yoya, Matt Makowski vs Matthew Justice, and Hoodfoot vs Bobby Beverly, are must see. Do not skip this show, if you only watch one of the standalone shows, make sure it's this one.

So that covers May. This Summer is shaping up to belong to Paradigm Pro Wrestling, and I hope you all stick with it.

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