WARHORSE (c) vs KTB- IWTV Championship from WARHORSE’S Big Bad Bitchin’ Christmas Party 12.28

KTB makes his way to the ring first & looks poised to take the IWTV title. WARHORSE comes down to the ring next for his 20th title defense. Ref Ryan T is our official and calls for the bell. Both men show each other that they are heavy metal and slam their heads into the turnbuckle. WARHORSE plants 10 head butts to the skull of KTB & follows it up with a spear & a suplex for a near fall. Both men on the outside & WARHORSE lands a flying cross body to a sitting KTB.

KTB stops WARHORSE’s momentum with a running knee. KTB in control now & lands some vicious chops. KTB gets a 2 count after a sidewalk back breaker. WARHORSE is fighting back, but KTB continues to use his power and strength to stop any comeback by WARHORSE. A big boot by KTB, but when he goes for a Death Valley Driver to the outside, WARHORSE slams him into the post. WARHORSE executes a double foot stomp to the back of KTB on the outside. WARHORSE goes off the top and KTB catches him and plants a sit down powerbomb for a 2-count.

WARHORSE powerbomb

KTB misses a beast slash in the corner & tumbles to the outside. WARHORSE is psyching himself up and battles back with 2 clotheslines in the corner & then a running clothesline to take down KTB. Up to the top goes WARHORSE and lands a picture perfect Macho Man style elbow drop.

WARHORSE savage elbow

 KTB knocks WARHORSE down and locks on a Rings of Saturn, but WARHORSE gets to the ropes. KTB gets a face full of boots when he goes for a splash. WARHHORSE misses a double foot stomp. Both men exchanging blows in the middle of the ring, until KTB’s leaping roundhouse kick puts an end to the exchange. Now both men are down trying to pull themselves up. KTB misses a big boot & WARHORSE executes 3 suplexes, with a ½ nelson suplex as the third. KTB pops right up and plants a spear followed up by a Beasthammer for a near fall. WARHORSE gets his knees up on a Beast-sault, which gives WARHORSE the time to land a Death by Doublestomp for the 1-2-3.


Winner & still IWTV champion; WARHORSE

Matt Tremont vs. Mike Del- Chain Match from Black Friday 11.29

Matt Tremont just invades the ring and demands that the Chain match is right now. Tremont awaits Mike Del in the ring. The Delster, Mike Del makes his way to Tremont & the official puts the chain around both men’s wrists. Ding, ding, ding. Del wraps the chain around his wrist and ducks to the outside, but Tremont yanks him back in the ring. Tremont starts shortening the chain to get to Del, but Del keeps ducking out of the ring. Tremont follows him outside and pulls him into the ring post. Tremont has the early upper hand & starts choking Del. Both men on the outside & Tremont whips Del with the chain. Tremont starts dragging Del around the outside. The Bulldozer, Mike Tremont tosses Del back into the ring, but that gives Del the chance to take advantage. The chain has come off the wrist of Tremont. Tremont chokes Del again with the chain. 

Tremont Choke

Both men exchange some blows and Del is fighting back. The chain has come of the wrist of both men. Del slides under Tremont and slams the Bulldozer to the mat. Del grabs the chain now and lands some chain wrapped punches and then wraps the chain around Tremont’s neck chokes him.  Del goes for a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside, but Tremont is too big. On the outside now, Del is letting Tremont have it with the chain. Del plants more chain wrapped firsts to the skull of Tremont. Tremont asks for more and Del gives it to him. The Bulldozer grabs a steel chair and drives it into the gut and then across the spin of Del. Tremont grabs the chain & both men are back in the ring. Tremont plants the chain into the face of Mike Del & gets a near fall. Del grabs a chair now and drives it into the gut & across the spin of Tremont. Del works on the knee with the chair. Del pulls up Tremont, but the Bulldozer drives Del into the corner. Tremont lands some chops in the corner and then tosses Del off of the top. Tremont executes some clotheslines and grabs the chair. Tremont sets a chair up, but Del sends him face first into it with a drop toe hold, followed up by a Death Valley Driver for a 2 count. Tremont counters with his own Death Valley Driver for his own 2 count. Del rolls over and goes for a submission, but Tremont grabs the chain and chokes out Mike Del.

Tremont chokes out DEl

Winner by KO, The Bulldozer, Matt Tremont.

Nyla Rose vs. Gabby Ortiz-Synergy Pro Wrestling 9, March 2019

Ortiz enters the ring first, followed by Nyla Rose. A clash of styles between these two ladies and neither one gets the upper hand early. Gabby using her speed to avoid any power attacks. Ortiz escapes a tombstone attempt & plant a double foot stomp into the side of Nyla. The Native Beast plants a big forearm & takes advantage with some attacks in the corner. A body slam and a big leg drop by Nyla Rose for a 2 count. Nyla puts Gabby on the top rope & Ortiz fights back. Ortiz goes for a flying cross body, but Rose catches her and executes a fall away slam. 

Gabby Ortiz uses her speed to take down Rose and keeping Nyla off her feet. A nice luchador arm drag & another double foot stomp to the side of Rose. Nyla gets the upper hand and goes to the top, but misses a flying cross body. Ortiz heads to the top rope herself and plants a cross body. Ortiz goes for a crucifix, but Nyla Rosa counters it and lands her finisher, a vicious powerbomb.  

Nyla Rose Finisher

Winner by pin fall, Nyla Rose.

Jordan Oliver vs. Anthony Gangone vs. Homicide vs. Ace Austin vs Brandon Kirk vs Archadia- Best of the Light Heavyweights from Black Friday 11.29

Ref Ryan T is our official for this battle of the best of the light heavyweights elimination match. Ref Ryan T calls for the bell and we are ready to go. Oliver & Archadia start us off. Both men duck and dodge some chops. The action is fast paced and both men are showcasing their speed and reversals. Archadia ducks to the outside, but Oliver plants him with a suicide dive. Now back in the ring, we have Kirk & Gangone. It seems lucha libre rules are in effect. Both men get caught with an aerial attack. Ace then lands some running knees and kicks to the heads of Kirk and Gangone. Kirk gets clotheslined out of the ring. Homicide enters the ring now & plants Austin with a belly-to-belly suplex. Homicide dumps Ace over the top, but Gangone pulls Homicide outside the ring. Homicide back in the ring goes for the 3 amigos on Austin, but Ace fights out of the 3rd suplex. Gangone, back in the ring & executes a backbreaker on Homicide, but Oliver spoils the fun with a double foot stomp. Archadia and Kirk chase each other around the ring. Archadia catches Kirk with a running knee & then Ace Austin flies over the top and lands on Archadia.

Ace over the top

Ace tosses Archadia back in the ring & everyone locks on a submission hold, but Homicide comes in and throws each member off, one by one. Archadia and Homicide are the only two men in ring right now. Homicide puts Archadia in a Boston crab & then a STO, but Oliver breaks it up. Gangone throws Oliver into the ropes, but Jordan catches himself and lands a springboard dropkick. Each wrestler comes in and executes a big move, but nobody can get the upper hand because there is another wrestler to come in and stop the momentum. Oliver finally catches Gangone with a cutter off the top rope for the 3 count. Gangone is eliminated. Archadia lands a sunset flip powerbomb into the turnbuckle on Kirk. Oliver back in ring catches Archadia with a kick to the back & then cutter on Kirk & then missed one on Archadia. Kirk catches Archadia with a spinning clothesline for the pin & Archadia is eliminated. Oliver and Homicide in the ring & Homicide catches a super kick & a step up enziguri. After some magical moves by Ace Austin, Oliver catches him with a cutter and eliminates Ace Austin. An exhausted Oliver gets drilled in the face by a knee by Kirk. Kirk eliminates Oliver. Homicide & Kirk are the only two men left.

Both men exchange a flurry of right hands. Homicide slams Kirk with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Homicide gets a 2 count after a suplex. Homicide goes to the top rope, but Krik stops another tornado DDT. Kirk plants Homicide with piledriver. Both men look exhausted. Homicide drops Kirk with a cutter, but Kirk fights back with a lariat for a 2 count. The two men exchange fists and head-butts in the middle of the ring. Homicide blocks a piledriver & lands a cutter off the top rope. Ref Ryan T lets us know that it is only a 2 count.

REF 2 count

Homicide starts biting the finger of Kirk & then goes for the cop killer, but Kirk rolls him up for a 2 count. Homicide spins him around and lands another cutter, this time for the 3 count and the victory.

Winner by pin fall, Homicide

Aaron Bradley vs TJ Crawford- Last Man Standing Match from Black Friday 11.29

Bradley sits in the corner, Raven style, awaiting Crawford. TJ tosses a chair in and grabs one of his own. The bell rings and they slam the chairs again each other. Bradley takes the early advantage, but catches a boot in the corner and then a front face suplex followed by a kick to the chest. TJ has the advantage now. Bradley just tossed TJ across the ring and Bradley kicks him to the outside. TJ catches Bradley with a kick to the face as Bradley went for a suicide dive. Bradley fights back and traps TJ between the ring and the apron. Bradley grabs a chair and levels TJ.

Bradley Chair TJ

Bradley went and found himself a hood of a car. A Nissan hood I believe. Bradley props it up in the corner & tries to suplex into the hood. TJ fights back & lands a superkick. TJ clotheslines Bradley out of the ring. TJ springs to the outside, but Bradley leveled him in the head with a cookie sheet. Bradley sets a chair up, but continues to slam that metal across TJ’s back. TJ blocks a piledriver and sits Bradley in the chair and uses the cookie sheet on Bradley now. TJ gets a running start, but Bradley levels him with the cookie sheet.

Bradley does not let the ref count & continues to dish out punishment by slamming TJ into the ring post. Back on the apron, TJ reverses a piledriver with a back body drop. TJ seems to be busted open. Back in the ring, a bloody TJ lands some fists and kicks. TJ sends Bradley into the corner with a dropkick. TJ grabs a chair, but Bradley send the chair back into the face of TJ. TJ gets out of a chokehold with a chair and then drives Bradley into the hood.  Both men continue to bring the fight to each other. TJ hits a springboard double foot stomp followed up by a dropkick. The ref starts to count. Bradley gets to his feet at the 8 count. TJ pulls Bradley back on to the apron & goes for a suplex, but Bradley blocks it and kicks TJ in the head. Bradley to the top rope and goes coast to coast and drills TJ. Both men are out now. Bradley rolls to the outside & ref keeps counting for TJ. Bradley back in the ring with a chair & TJ gets to his feet. Bradley executes a running knee and misses another one, which TJ capitalizes with a snap dragon suplex. TJ, running on adrenaline, drills Bradley over and over with a chair. TJ sizes up Bradley levels him with a chair to the back of the head. The ref counts again, but TJ goes in at the 7 count and lands fists to the face. TJ goes under the ring and tosses everything under the ring into the ring. Several chairs fill the ring now. TJ goes to bring a ladder in, but Bradley dropkicks the ladder into the skull of TJ. On the outside now, both men bring the fight to each other. A suplex on the outside by Bradley. Both men exchanging chops, fists and knees to each other. Both men busted open now. Bradley drops TJ on the wooden ladder. Both men back in the ring now. Bradley sets up several chairs. Bradley pulls TJ up to his feet, but TJ fights back with a head butt. TJ sets Bradley on the chairs and climbs a ladder, but Bradley pulls him down. Bradley takes down TJ with a shoulder tackle. Bradley slams TJ onto the chairs and climbs the ladder. TJ meets Bradley at the top and plants Bradley through the chairs with a Death Valley Driver off the ladder.

DVD through the chairs

Winner & the Last Man Standing, TJ Crawford.

Jazz vs. Maria Manic for the NWA World Championship Synergy Wrestling 8

Maria Manic enters first & says she came here to fight Jazz, not wrestle her. Maria Manic says this match is now a No DQ match, falls count anywhere, if Jazz accepts. Jazz enters the ring and says that Maria Manic does not make the rules, but she is a fighting champion & accepts. Ding, ding, ding. Maria quickly goes to the outside & takes her time getting back in. The two ladies lock up and fight for the early advantage. Jazz locks in a headlock and takes down Maria. Maria fights back and gets to her feet. Maria calls for a test of strength, but Jazz slaps her and takes her down. Maria uses her power to fight out of a headlock. Jazz continues to hold a headlock and control Maria, going for some quick covers. Jazz showing her ground game and keeping Maria off her feet. Maria ducks out of the ring, grabs a drink & re-thinks things.

Maria Drink

Back in the ring, Maria gets a headlock & executes some chain wrestling. Jazz fights back and wrenches on the arm of Maria. Jazz continues to work on the shoulder of Maria. Maria fights out & goes for a choke slam, but Jazz reverses it with an arm drag and follows that up with another arm drag. Maria puts her hand out to shake Jazz’s hand. Jazz shoves it away and tosses Maria to the outside. Jazz slides out after her and slams Maria into the apron. Jazz lights up the chest of Maria and then drives her shoulder into the post for a 2 count. Jazz continues to bring the fight to Maria on the outside. Maria battles back and slams Jazz into the bar, followed up by a slap to the chest. Jazz reverses an Irish whip and lands a clothesline. Jazz slams Maria Manic and then places a step stool around her neck. Maria grabs the step stool and drives it into Jazz’s gut. Maria places Jazz on a table. Jazz fights back and hits a fling cross body off the table.

Back at ringside, Jazz continues to bring the fight with kicks and chops. Maria battles back and puts Jazz in a Steiner recliner. Maria releases the hold & sits Jazz in a chair. Jazz moves out of the way and executes a drop toe hold & sits Maria in the chair, which she follows up with a boot to the chest. Jazz tosses Maria back into the ring. Both ladies are on their feet and Jazz is leveling Maria with some jabs to the face. Jazz comes off the ropes and Maria catches Jazz and slams her across her knee. Maria in control now. Maria goes to the second turnbuckle and misses, which Jazz reverses into the rings of Saturn. Maria taps!

Jazz Rings of Saturn

Winner by submission & still NWA Women’s Champion, Jazz

The Rogue, Brandon Kirk vs. The Man Beast, RHINO-Synergy Turns 2

The bell rings & Kirk ducks to the outside. Kirk finally gets back in the ring & the two lock up. Kirk wrenches on the arm of RHINO, but RHINO reverses it into a headlock. Kirk clips off RHINO & that gets him some fists and a back body drop by RHINO. Kirk ducks to the outside, but RHINO brings the fight to him on the outside. RHINO drags Kirk around, slamming his head into several chairs. Kirk fights back and slams RHINO into a table. Kirk and RHINO exchange chops & slamming each other into the bar. Kirk grabs a chair from under the ring, but RHINO fights back. RHINO suplexes Kirk on the wooden floor, followed up by dropping onto the chair on the side of the ring.

RHINO continues the onslaught over by the Nintendo 64. Kirk grabs a hot dog and shoves it in the face of RHINO. The two men continue to take turns dishing out punishment. RHINO misses & runs right into the ring post. Kirk capitalizes & tosses RHINO into the ring and unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks in the corner. Kirk puts a nerve hold RHINO, but RHINO will not give up. RHINO starts to make a comeback, but Kirk stops it & takes RHINO down. Both men down now in the ring. RHINO up first & drills Kirk with punches & a lariat. RHINO whips Kirk into the corner and plants him with a shoulder tackle. RHINO grabs a door from under the ring. RHINO sets the door up in the corner, but Kirk surprises him and goes for a Death Valley Driver. RHINO escapes and hits a belly to belly suplex. RHINO goes for the gore, but Krik moves & RHINO goes crashing through the door.

RHINO through a door

Kirk gets in the face of the ref & tosses him out of the ring. Here comes Bill Alfonso, whistle & all. Alfonso gets in the face of Kirk & Krik shoves him to the ground. Alfonso grabs a chair & drills Kirk with it, which sets up RHINO who hits the gore for the 1—2-3.

ALfonso Chair

Winner by pin fall, RHINO.

Tony Deppen vs. FRIGHTMARE (c) - Synergy Championship Match

Deppen calls for a test of strength & gets the upper hand with a single arm takedown. FRIGHTMARE working on the arm of Deppen. A quick roll up by FRIGHTMARE, but only gets a 2 count. FRIGHTMARE with a headlock takeover, but Deppen escapes with a head scissors. The two lock up again and FRIGHTMARE drives him into the corner and the ref breaks them up. The two exchange a flurry of attacks, reversals & arm drags showing off their speed and agility. Deppen gets drilled with a superkick to the outside. FRIGHTMARE goes for a dive, but catches a kick to the face. Deppen jumps up to the apron & hits FRIGHTMARE with a springboard jaw breaker.

Deppen jawbreaker

  Deppen in control now and taking the fight to FRIGHTMARE. Deppen takes down FRIGHTMARE and wrenches on the neck and shoulder of FRIGHTMARE. FRIGHTMARE comes off the ropes, but takes an elbow to the face. The champ trying to get the crowd behind him. FRIGHTMARE fights back with some chops & a step up enziguri and a kick to the chest. FRIGHTMARE hits a crucifix driver & connects with a running kick to the head of Deppen. FRIGHTMARE hits a Go to Sleepy Hollow for a 2 count.

Go TO Sleepy Hollow

FRIGHTMARE up to his feet first & went for the Instant Death, but Deppen reversed it. Deppen with a head butt and then a double stomp to the chest of FRIGHTMARE. FRIGHTMARE reversed a shining wizard with a release German suplex into the corner. Both men struggling to get to their feet. FRIGHTMARE up first and unleashes a flurry of slaps to the face. Deppen hits some knees to the face of FRIGHTMARE. Both men fighting back and exchanging strikes. Deppen rolls to the outside, but FRIGHTMARE follows him with a suicide dive. FRIGHTMARE goes back into the ring and hits a swanton flip to the outside. Back in the ring, FRIGHTMARE hits Instant Death Driver for a 2 count. Deppen battles back with kicks and send FRIGHTMARE off the rope & hits FRIGHTMARE with a snot rocket. Deppen gets a 2 count after a suplex. Deppen heads to the top rope & misses a double stomp. FRIGHTMARE takes advantage and hits a DDT & lands the Kneecolepsy for the win.

FRIGTMARE finisher

Winner by pin fall & still Synergy Champion, FRIGHTMARE.

Eric Corvis vs LSG- “I Quit” Match from Synergy Tomorrow Comes Today

Corvis comes to the ring with kendo stick in hand. LSG comes out next and he looks poised to win this match. Corvis wastes no time as he leaps over the top and lands on LSG. Corvis chops LSG and brings the fight to him on the outside. LSG fights back with a chop of his own. Both men continue to inflict pain on the outside with chops & fists. Corvis chokes LSG with some tape & LSG says he does not quit. Back in the ring now, Corvis spears LSG & the two men exchange fists. Corvis lands a German suplex on LSG. Corvis goes under the ring and tosses some chairs into the ring. LSG executes a reverse atomic drop into a spine buster. LSG slams the chair across the back of Corvis. LSG chokes Corvis with the chair & Corvis says he does not quit. Ref Ryan T is doing a good job getting the mic in there to see if the wrestlers quit. Corvis sets a chair up, but eats a big boot and lands in the chair. LSG hits a running double foot stomp into the chair.

LSG dropkick chair

Corvis refuses to quit in LSG’s backbreaker. Corvis fights back and executes “The Zero Machine” off the top rope. Corvis uses the kendo stick to choke LSG. Ref Ryan T asks LSG if he quits, he says no. Corvis send LSG to the outside. LSG starts to take the bottom rope off while Corvis goes to get a garbage can. As Corvis tries to bring the garbage can into the ring he is met by a dropkick from LSG. LSG tosses Corvis in the ring, then tosses the garbage can in and it lands on Corvis’s head. LSG puts the can over the head of Corvis & throws the chair at the can. When the can is removed, Corvis is busted open.

Corvis Busted Open

Corvis refuses to quit. LSG unleashes a flurry of fists to the busted open forehead. Corvis battles back with a head butt and fist. Corvis goes to the outside and grabs banquet chair. Corvis drills LSG with the chair and puts it over LSG & puts him in a Boston crab. Ref Ryan T asks LSG if he quits. LSG refuses to quit. LSG rolls to the outside & goes & grabs a camera chord. LSG whips Corvis over and over. LSG finishes taking off the rest of the bottom rope & hits Corvis in the head with the turnbuckle. LSG chokes Corvis with the rope, but Corvis refuses to quit. Corvis fights back and hits a cutter. No quitting from LSG. Corvis slaps on the figure four leg lock, which LSG reverses. Neither man quits. The hold is released. Both men struggle to their feet and trade right hands. Corvis hits a small package backbreaker followed up by a frog splash. Corvis locks on a captain’s hook submission. LSG refuses to quit. Corvis puts LSG on the top turnbuckle, goes up with him & goes for a superplex through a trash can. LSG block it, hits a low blow, drops down & hits a powerbomb through the garbage can. LSG grabs a chair and wraps is around Corvis’s neck, but he whips his way out of the hold. LSG grabs a kendo stick and slams it on the back of Corvis. Corvis fights back, grabs the stick and hits a low blow with it. Both men to their feet and exchange slaps. Corvis sets up LSG in a tree of woe & wraps the chord around his neck & pull back. LSG QUITS, LSG QUITS!!!

LSG says I quit

Winner of the “I Quit Match”, Eric Corvis.

A Big Thanks to Synergy Wrestling for putting on this collection of matches & I cannot wait to see what is to come in the future from Synergy.

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