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The field is set! On march 28th, eight wrestlers will face off in the inaugural Cassandro Cup. Named after the legendary and influential Cassandro, the tournament put on by Butch vs Gore will feature all LGBTQ+ talent. Today the field was finally announced and it’s a doozy. We have people from all different backgrounds who I’m personally very excited to see in a ring together. So let’s run through the competitors!

ac mack

First up is the current ACTION Wrestling Champion AC Mack. Mack has recently defended the belt against Tre Lemar, and has a defense against Arik Royal coming up on the 12th. Mack comes into this tournament riding a wave of momentum and we’ll see if that helps.

still life

As mentioned in her official announcement by Butch vs Gore, Still Life is looking for her third tournament win. Most recently she won Christmas Trios from Camp Leapfrog and it would be great to see another win so soon. A lot of people saw her for the first time last year against Dark Sheik at Effy’s Big Gay Brunch where she got to show her wonderful technical ability. She’s my personal pick to win the whole thing.

jared evans

Jared Evans is still fresh in many people’s minds after a great showing in the opening of Effy’s Big Gay Block during Fight Forever where he won over Chris Valentine. I’ll admit, I’m not as familiar with Evans’s work so I look forward to seeing more big showings like I saw Saturday. Evans is going to be one to watch this year, so keep your eyes peeled.

erica leigh

Okay, I said I’m betting Still Life will win, but I have to cheer for my fellow Virginian Erica Leigh. She recently had good matches against both Faye Jackson and Tasha Steelz where she came up short, but had a major vote of confidence Saturday morning. In the 9v9 Cibernetico match from Camp Leapfrog at Fight Forever Erica Leigh and Boomer Hatfield were the last two standing from their team when the other team was fully eliminated. The match then turned into a one on one that ended with Erica standing tall as the winner. For her to be the last person out of 18 standing means a lot of eyes are on her now going into this show.

killian mcmurphy

Another wrestler from that Cibernetico, Killian McMurphy was on the losing side of that big brawl. That takes nothing away from McMurphy though, as he has been a wonderful mainstay at Camp Leapfrog. McMurphy brings a heavy hitting style to this tournament and should provide some very entertaining matches. He hasn’t been to a tournament final before so we’ll see if this can be his first.

molly mcCoy

I got Molly on my mind this week! I talk a lot about Molly McCoy in an article coming out later this week, so I’m very happy to see them announced for the Cassandro Cup. Molly has been a very bright star for me during the pandemic, and I can’t wait to see what they bring to this tournament. McCoy was also on the winning Trios team with Still Life(and Boomer Hatfield) so they would love two tournament wins in a row. McCoy is a spark plug, and can run around the ring with speed and precision. No matter who they step in the ring with, expect their matches to be fast, frenetic, and most importantly, fun.

joshua wavra

I’ll admit, I was surprised to see Joshua Wavra announced. Not because they’re bad, in fact I think they’re a wonderful wrestler! What surprised me is that I’ve never seen Wavra in a singles match. They are one half of Oreo Speedwagon with Xavier Faraday who most recently had a great tag match with The End at Effy’s Big Gay Block during Fight Forever. Wavra is all about pure rules wrestling, so I look forward to seeing them bring that style. If I could book the show I would put them in a match with Still Life as wow could those two put on a clinic.

ashton starr

Finally we have Ashton Starr! Starr has been killing it in Southern Honor Wrestling as well as being at Paris is Bumping, Effy’s Big Gay Block, and Effy’s Big Gay Brunch where he teamed with fellow competitor AC Mack against the Sea Stars. Starr is larger than life, and has the ring chops to back up his cockiness. I mean look at those shades! No one with those shades could be anything less than 100% confident in the ring. I was excited to see Starr round out the field and he is certainly one to watch.

So that’s our field! Keep an eye on @ButchVsGore on Twitter for more details and watch the Cassandro Cup on 3/28 at 7EST on IWTV. 

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