This week we're looking at a fun, energetic star who has recently been making waves in ROH's Women's Division. She will be competing in the upcoming Women of Honor Title Tournament this Summer, and is actually my dark horse pick to win; or should I say, dark unicorn. This week we're looking at Too Turnt, Laynie Luck, The Party Unicorn! We're going to start with an overview of her career, and specifically we're going to look at two big title reigns she's had. Then we're going to move into some of her best matches, and due to Zelo Pro really loving to use Youtube, eight of the ten matches are on their Youtube page!

laynie luck

Luck made her debut in 2015, and it was fairly early on that she found herself in her first home of sorts: Anarchy Championship Wrestling. We saw them briefly last week when talking about Gary Jay, and Luck found herself immediately in the title picture. She faced people like Allie Katch and Angel Blue but was never able to win the title. It would be later in 2018 that Laynie Luck would win the EMERGE Women's Championship, a belt also held by the likes of Kelly Klein and Charlie Kruel. Luck would also go on to win the ZOWA Women's Championship. Beginning in 2017 Luck would compete in many of the big all Women's companies such as Shimmer, Rise, and WWR. Luck would go on to compete in all the indie places you're used to seeing on this column. Glory Pro, Journey, Freelance, Zelo, all that good stuff. She really began to come into her own as Zelo Women's Champion. She won the belt when it was vacant after Britt Baker had to drop it. She held the belt from August 2019 to this past May, and although some of that was due to the pandemic, she was a genuinely great champion. A lot of those matches will be on this list actually. Kylie Rae, Tessa Blanchard and Britt had held the belt before, and since Jordynne Grace has won the belt.

The other big win of Luck's career has been picking up the Freelance Underground Independent Championship. She's been defending that frequently as well, most recently against Billie Starks. Speaking of Freelance Underground, she's engaged to Freelance Underground Heavyweight Champion GPA, and the proposal went somewhat viral. I included it below, and it's incredibly sweet. In addition to those companies, Reality of Wrestling has been a great home for Luck, but the future seems Ring of Honor. She's been doing work there with the likes of Hyan and Max the Impaler, and I can't wait to see what comes next. Luck is one of the most energetic wrestlers in the ring, dancing, whipping, nay-naying, flossing, all of it. Kids love her, she's won over the hardcore fans in matches such as the ones on this list, and everyone can't get enough of the party unicorn.

#10: Laynie Luck vs Project Monix vs Blake Christian vs Gringo Loco vs JJ Garrett vs Jesus Bryce

 Scramble matches are a standard in indie wrestling now, and this one is stacked. You've got Monix defending his Freelance Underground title against five great opponents in Gringo Loco, JJ Garret, Jesus Bryce, Blake Christian, and the eventual winner, Laynie Luck. This is the only match so far that Luck has ever had with Blake Christian, and honestly it will probably stay that way. Blake really shines in the opening of this match facing down Gringo Loco, and his leaps on the ropes are just so pretty. Garrett and Monix are both incredibly underrated talents, and they put in a good showing in this match. Garrett hits a beautiful counter to the corner irish whip, as instead of landing behind a charging Monix, he lands on the back of his head. This match has plenty of highspots, but Luck doesn't come in until about halfway through the match, and she really doesn't seem like a threat. It seems like if Monix is losing his title to anyone, it'll be Christian. He hits a move off the wall of the building, but towards the end she gets the unicorn head. When Luck gets the head, everything changes, and she just goes on a rampage. She manage a stunner off the ropes and out of nowhere wins the belt, setting up a great run.

laynie vs gpa

#9: Laynie Luck vs GPA

 This is here for being an incredibly fun, happy match. I love when couples have matches against each other; there's just such a different tone to the whole thing. This match aired only a couple weeks before GPA proposed to Laynie, and that just makes it extra special. There's a bit more showing off in the match and "anything you can do I can do better." GPA copies Laynie Luck's "put your hands in the air like you just don't care" full nelson, and after kissing her hand gives her a smack on the butt. I want to be very clear. Do NOT smack your opponent on the butt in an intergender match, unless it's your actual partner. The match isn't all comedy though, and Luck returns the smack a couple minutes later. It's a fast paced match, and despite being fun, maintains intensity. Luck really does have just my favorite armdrags in wrestling, and this match has a couple of great examples. GPA gets the win in what was a very fun match that showcased both wrestlers well.

#8: Laynie Luck vs Brooke Valentine

  This match main evented Zelo's first show since the pandemic hit, and the crowd was so happy to be seeing Pro Wrestling again. Luck plays plucky babyface so well, and they establish early on that's what this match will be. Luck looks fantastic in this match hitting moves like a springboard arm drag. Laynie does a great job making every match look like it could be the end of her reign, and it really helps make everyone look strong. Valentine could easily be the champion sometime soon, and although this was my first time seeing her back when this match initially aired, she immediately grabbed my attention. The most impressive spot though is the perfect German suplex that Luck hits on Valentine followed by the Unicutter to retain. It's a mighty fine match that showcased the strength and agility of Valentine while adding another great Defense to Luck's amazing title reign.

#7: Laynie Luck vs Thunder Rosa

 As we saw at Slammiversary, Thunder Rosa vs anyone always makes for a great match, and this one is no exception. Rosa enters the ring with a trash bag, and that's never a good sign for the wrestlers: good sign for me though. Rosa digs in the bag and pulls out a middle finger for Luck, and that might be the best fakeout I've seen in wrestling taunts. Luck doesn't hold back in this match, and takes it to Rosa from the bell. Rosa is having an incredibly fun time in this match as well, and the crowd is loving it. This was right after Rosa finished a run in Japan, and the crowd is happy to see her back. Luck hits a nice headscissors that gets the crowd on her side though, as well as a nice side kick on the apron followed by a dive. The two brawl through the crowd, and Luck really is just a jack of all trades: keeping up with any style that she faces. This match is hard hitting without dipping too far into hardcore and weapons, but Laynie really holds her own. Rosa gets the win, but Luck looks fantastic. 

#6: Laynie Luck vs Jordynne Grace

  All good things must come to an end, and here we have the end of Laynie's amazing title reign as Zelo Women's Champion. Grace is a perfect opponent for Luck, and it's surprising how evenly matched they are. A favorite spot of mine in this match sees Grace catch the leg of Luck and the two trade slaps until Grace is able to takedown Luck. Laynie slowly begins to show the damage of the match and sells Jordynne's offense well. Grace targets the lower back of Luck while Luck has a broader focus just trying to get in any shots she can. The match really picks up though when Luck kicks out of a muscle buster. At that point it's hard to imagine what Grace can do. That being said, Grace then kicks out of the Unicutter, and so both women seem just unable to beat the other. At this point, Luck grabs a chair; ready to keep her belt by DQ. The ref grabs it, and Laynie uses the belt while the ref isn't looking. Grace though, is able to get the quick rollup, and that nets her the title. It's a fantastic end to Laynie's reign, and I was surprised by how they did the ending.

#5: Shotzi Blackheart vs Elayna Black vs Laynie Luck vs Missa Kate

 Just like with the FU Independent Championship, here we have Luck winning a title in a multiperson match. This time though, the belt had been vacated. You've got Missa Kate, who recently made an AEW Dark appearance, Elayna Black, now known as Cora Jade in WWE, and of course, Shotzi Blackheart. The talent in this match is tremendous, and to be frank, I'm shocked Shotzi didn't win this. Blackheart and Black have been staples of Zelo Pro just as much as Luck, and they easily could have held the title. Luck does a lot more early on in this match than the FU Independent Championship match though, hitting her springboard armdrag only a couple minutes in to the match. There's a wonderful moment though there Black puts an armbar on Kate, and Blackheart bends the fingers of Kate, and Luck puts a sleeper hold on Blackheart, and everyone's just screaming. A move I haven't given enough credit to Luck for is how devastating her Death Valley Driver looks. She slams Blackheart to the ground with an intensity that made me wince. When she rolls up Blackheart for the win the crowd goes absolutely wild, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

starkz vs luck

#4: Laynie Luck vs Billie Starkz

 Of course I had to include this match. If you keep up with this column, then you know I'm a huge fan of Billie Starkz. This is a newer match, seeing Laynie in the smaller Unicorn mask rather than the massive head. Frankly, I miss the head, but transporting the mask is so much more practical. This match is for the FU Independent Title that we saw Laynie win in an earlier entry on this list. Starkz's style meshes so well with Luck, and they are at their best when they pull off longer sequences together. Starkz is so talented, and the whole match is so fluid. Laynie is able to really throw Starkz around the ring, and showcase her power. I think we often look at Luck as more scrappy, but she can really pull off some power moves, and this match proves that. Starkz is no slouch either though, hitting a great facebuster before missing a swanton bomb that looked painful. Luck gets a great counter to a spin hook kick into an STF that ultimately wins the match, and it's a spot I want to see more often. I cannot wait to see these two do it again some day.

#3: Laynie Luck vs Alex Gracia

 I love a good two out of three falls match, and we've seen a couple on this column lately. Before getting into the match itself, you can see it in the video, but can we just talk about how cool this venue is with the use of the green lighting? Getting into the actual match, this is a fantastic title defense for Luck. She does a spot early on that I always enjoy where she gets her opponent in a waistlock and then forces them to do dance moves while attacking them. It's the kind of fun offense that makes me enjoy Luck. It's silly for sure, but wrestling is supposed to be fun! The match is going very well, lots of back and forth, until about nine minutes in, when entrance music hits to distract Luck. This lets Gracia get the first fall and puts Luck on the defense to try and keep her title. Luck then goes harder trying to do anything to keep her belt. Luck is really keeping Gracia from getting in any attacks until she ends up eating a 619 from her. After Gracia goes for the splash, Luck is able to roll her up to tie it 1-1. They trade nearfalls shortly after, before battling outside the ring. This is when they really begin to just kick the crap out of each other and deal damage on the apron. This final fall is just absolutely great. They trade big moves and nearfalls and the entire time it seems like Gracia might pull it out. Ultimately though, just barely, Luck retains her belt. 

#2: Laynie Luck vs Shotzi Blackheart vs Kylie Rae

  Here's a cool one because it actually took place at an Impact event. I knew I had to include this match because the fact Luck beat such big names is a reason for others to sit up and take notice. Everyone is cheering for everyone in this match, as there really is no bad choice for a winner. Early on we have Blackheart upside down on the ropes using her legs to choke Rae as Luck punches Blackheart repeatedly in the head. All three of these women have had great singles matches with each other, and making this a triple threat just added a level of extra fun and adrenaline. What really makes this match special is how into it the crowd is, despite this not even being a Zelo Pro show. These women were able to showcase a title that many in the crowd may have never heard of, and proved how good that division is. a favorite spot of mine seeing everyone just kicking each other in the face repeatedly, specifically Lucking booting Rae after she just wanted a high five. Luck is able to retain, and everyone looked fantastic in this match as they all celebrate on the apron and hug.

#1: Laynie Luck vs Su Yung

  God I love a good Su Yung match, and this one is wonderful. I can't think of a more opposite wrestler personality wise in the ring that luck for facing Yung. Even more than Allie, Luck is just so bubbly, and the fact she actually beats Yung makes it that much better. The match starts with Yung ripping open a unicorn piñata, and then she attacks the commentator shoving her in the giant unicorn head. This match really takes advantage of all the gimmicks in play, and it creates a unique atmosphere that only a Su Yung match can. Soon after that spot, though, Yung kicks Luck into the barricade before Luck grabs her, swinging her into the apron and barricade followed by a powerbomb on the apron. That sequence is the moment you remember that it's a No DQ match, and the match just stays brutal from there. They get the steps involved, chairs, and then battle up through the arena. Yung grabs one of the trainees that's at ringside, and I never thought I'd see a hostage taken in this match, but Luck is able to follow it up with a DDT on the metal grates. Laynie Luck is known for being silly and a bit cheesy, but matches like this show that once the bell rings she can be just as fearsome as anyone. The match never slows down, and the big weapon spots continue throughout the over twenty minute match. Laynie Luck literally stuns the unicorn head off of Yung, and it might be my favorite non Stone Cold stunner. Luck hits a beautiful German suplex, and then throws a ref onto Yung as she just loses it. It's a side of Luck I've never really seen before, but I love it. Luck finally gets the win after a superplex through drywall boards and about six chairs. It's a great match from bell to bell.

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