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Are you ready for an amazing night of wrestling? Are you ready for a celebration of Black Pro Wrestling. Are you ready for three incredible cards back to back to back all streaming live on IWTV? On June 18th OWA presents Good Trouble 2, Paradigm presents Reasonable Doubt, and Unsanctione Pro presents If You Know, You Know, all together making up the Ohio Triple Threat. We have a lot to look at, so let's dive right in with the first show, OWA Good Trouble 2.

Good Trouble 2

Ashton Starr vs Jordan Blade

Jordan Blade vs Ashton Starr: These two are phenomenal, but for my money, The Ankle Breaker Blade wins with a submission.

mane event vs soldiers of savagery

Mane Event vs Soldiers of Savagery: Last time I saw Mane Event was vs the Mane Event(Long story) and I've never seen the Soldiers of Savagery, so this match is one I'm keeping a close eye on as the indie tag scene is incredibly competitive and innovative.

tony Johnson vs Ryan Rembrant

Tony Johnson vs Ryan Rembrant: Current Ryse Grand Champion faces one of the stars of Championship Wrestling from Memphis in what should be a very good match

Anthony Bennett vs Eli Isom

Anthony Bennett vs Eli Isom: My money's on Isom for this as he just had a big win over in ROH, but Bennett has been a roll lately including in OWA, so this could go either way. Expect a very even fight.

darius lockhart vs O'Shay Edwards

O'Shay Edwards vs Darius Lockhart: Someone's going to die in this one. Lockhart is damn good, and Edwards is always a monster in the ring. Just like with Isom, I feel like the ROH guys might go over here, but don't count out Lockhart.

ac mack vs shane taylor

Shane Taylor vs AC Mack: This match is one for the ages, and although I'm usually picking the ROH guys, considering Shane is also holding a seminar this weekend for the people at the show, I could easily see Mack going over in a very passing of the torch moment.

Reasonable Doubt

fatal four way reasonable doubt

Bobby Beverly vs Alex Kane vs Marion Fontaine: Unfortunately Miles will not be in this match due to personal reasons, so just keep him in your thoughts. Presumably it will now be a triple threat and expect Kane to just hit 30 suplexes here. He's a scary boy and since he's going to be on TV soon with MLW I have a theory he might win.

jaiden vs cole radrick

Jaiden vs Cole Radrick: Radrick is a staple of Paradigm, and Jaiden has certainly become a rising star there, so expect this to be a standout as they both look to cement their spot.

knight vs holliday vs robinson

Eli Knight vs Chase Holliday vs Kristian Robinson: Chase and Eli have been stars of No Hook season two, but I expect Robinson to really put in a great showing here. No matter who wins, they could steal the show.

ODY vs Rejects

The ODY vs the Rejects: The Rejects are walking Tag Team Champions, and you know I love them, but they've held the belts for a while so I wouldn't be shocked if ODY won.

broner vs Tankman

Isaiah Broner vs Calvin Tankman: This is going to be a Hoss fight alright. Just two tough dudes beating the crap out of each other, don't miss it.

billy dixon vs hoodfoot

Billy Dixon vs Hoodfoot: This was set up at the end of Terminal Combat, and after his showing at No Peace Underground last week I don't think anyone doubts Dixon. Hoodfoot just won the belt back though, and I don't think he wants to lose it anytime soon.

Suge D vs Myron Reed

Suge D vs Myron Reed: This could possibly be the best match of all three shows. If you've been watching Paradigm they've been building to this for a while, and this is easily one of the biggest matches in the company's history. No matter who wins, this is going to be amazing.

If You Know You Know

scramble unsanctioned

Charlie Tiger vs Jeffrey John vs Janai Kai vs Kristian Ross vs Levi Everett vs Terrell Kenneth: You know I love a scramble. Janai Kai is my pick just because it's Janai Kai.

beef vs valentine

Big Beef Gnarls Garvin vs Cassanova Valentine: Okay, I'm excited for this. Valentine's last match at Unsanctioned was insane, and I expect this to be even crazier.

yoya vs freddie hudson

Yoya vs Freddie Hudson: After winning the chain at Terminal Combat, Yoya has his first title defense against Freddie Hudson, who recently had a great match with Suge D. This could be match of the show, easily.

oliver vs montez

Jordan Oliver vs Lexus Montez: This is going to be fantastic. Two absolute great technicians looking to see who's the best. I'm personally very excited for this one.

radrick vs crewe

Cole Radrick vs lord Crewe: This number one contender match sees Cole pulling double duty. Lord Crewe could easily become champion, but first he has to become number one contender here. Radrick could do it too though, so we'll see who comes out on top.

williams vs cross

Aaron Williams vs Everett Cross: The final match of the night sees Aaron Williams looking to dethrone Everett Cross and become Unsanctioned Pro champion. This match is going to be violent, and there's a reason it's happening after midnight.

So there we go. Three shows, 19 matches, and a hell of a night for wrestling. The whole thing starts live on IWTV at 7PM on June 18th so tune in and don't miss it.

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