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It's that time again as we gear up for UWFi Contenders Series season 2 episode 5 thanks to Paradigm Pro Wrestling. Headlining this stacked episode is Matt Makowski: the newest member of Team Filthy, taking on Bobby Beverly of 44OH. We have a lot to cover so let's get to it.

Bev vs Makowski

Matt Makowski vs Bobby Beverly

The former Bellator fighter Matt Makowski shocked the world two weeks ago when he won the Heavy Hitters Title from the then-undefeated Hoodfoot. After that win, his only UWFi fight at that, Makowski now faces Bobby Beverly. Beverly is a veteran of the indie scene, and made Paradigm history by being the only wrestler to win two different titles(the Heavy Hitters and Tag Team with Matthew Justice). Beverly wants the Heavy Hitters title back, and if he can't beat Makowski he has vowed to leave Paradigm. The stakes are incredibly high in this match, and how the hell am I supposed to predict it? Makowski is on a tear all over the indie scene and just won the belt two weeks ago, but betting against Beverly? Not usually a smart choice. Expect this to be one of the most emotional fights in UWFi Rules history.

Radrick vs Martyr

Cole Radrick vs Robert Martyr

Well this will be a quick one right? Not sure who will win, but this two freaking hate each other, and are going to be throwing knockout caliber blows from the start. Martyr wouldn't leave Radrick alone until Radrick accepted, and he's not happy about it, but looking to put down Martyr quick. I see this match going Martyr's way though, because he wouldn't have insisted on fighting Cole Radrick of all people if he didn't think he could win right? Yaaaa this is gonna get ugly.

Kerry vs Heeter

Kerry Awful vs Hardway Heeter

Heeter is 0-3 in UWFi Rules and his teacher Kerry Awful isn't happy about that. Awful is an icon on the indie scene, and while he's not usually known for being cheery, his tirade on Hardway last week was a lot even for him. I want Heeter to win so bad, and I mean who wouldn't. The poor guy was humiliated last week, and Heeter isn't the kind of guy to enjoy being humiliated. If Awful does win, expect to be because Heeter got too emotional.

Beef vs Ron Bass Jr

Ron Bass Jr vs Gnarls Garvin

After a tremendous debut showing last week that came up just short, I have to pull for Ron Bass Jr here as he takes on one of the standouts of season one in Big Beef Gnarls Garvin. It's going to be an absolute hoss fight that I expect to end by knockout strike or points from the sheer amount of suplexing these boys might get up to. I'm ready to see large men get yeeted.

Broner vs Leonard

Isaiah Broner vs Dustin Leonard

Boxing vs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as Broner takes on Leonard. This is what I love about UWFi Contender Series as the original spirit of UFC is present. We have two people from two very different backgrounds and we're gonna see who wins. This is the kind of pure competition that drew me to UWFi Contenders in the first place, and while I'm very happy with all the storylines that have grown, a good old fashioned fight will always have a place here. My money is on Leonard though to lock in a good submission.

Sidney vs Appollo

Appollo Q Starr vs Sidney Von Engeland

Finally we have Engeland the Catch style wrestler taking on Appollo. Neither man has picked up a win yet with one loss each in UWFi Rules, so both will be very hungry here as someone will get on the winning column. I have to go with Starr simply because he has 2 decades of experience and probably knows more counters than Engeland knows holds.

So that's episode five! It's a stacked card and you can catch the whole thing on IWTV tonight at 10PM EST

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