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UWFi Contenders Series 4/28 Preview: A Tag Team Finale

It's crazy to believe but here we are at the season two finale of UWFi Contenders Series. This season has been wonderful, and I've enjoyed it even more than season one. With two Heavy Hitters Championship changes, a storyline that has been building all season finally comes to a close. After winning the Heavy Hitters Championship last week, Bobby Beverly is still in Paradigm, and faces something new as he reunites with an old ally turned rival. So let's take a look at tonight's UWFi Contender Series season two finale.

Team Filthy vs Lifers

Team Filthy vs The Lifers

Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini, two very good UWFi fighters, are teaming up in a tag team UWFi rules match as a result of last week's show ending. After fighting each other for most of 2020, Matthew Justice and Bobby Beverly are teaming up again like the good ol days. Beverly has been off with 44OH, so who knows what side of Beverly we're getting tonight. This is going to be an intense match, with a lot of bad blood. As far as who gets the win? I just don't think The Lifers can pull together enough to get the win.

Lost Boys vs Unsigned and Don't Care

Lost Boys vs Unsigned and Don't Care

Thankfully, we will get to see what tag team UWFi rules look like before the big main event as Hoodfoot Mo Atlas and Chase Holiday take on the team of Aaron Williams and Gary Jay. It's going to be a hard hitting fight, and frankly, I expect this to go under two minutes. These are four men willing to punch each other out in a just a matter of seconds. This is our first time seeing Hoodfoot since his loss to Matt Makowski, so I doubt he'll be very happy. This match could go either way, but I think the Lost Boys will take it.

Alex Kane vs Max

Alex Kane vs Max the Impaler

Max the Impaler has been a wonderful addition to the UWFi roster this season, and I wouldn't be shocked to see them get a big win to close out the season. That being said, Alex Kane isn't exactly an easy target. Kane has been putting on big matches both here and over in No Hook. This is my pick for potential match of the night, but I think Kane might just get the win.

Beef vs Crewe 2

Lord Crewe vs Gnarls Garvin

Big Beef Gnarls Garvin has only lost once in UWFi rules, and it was to Lord Crewe. He looks to get that win back tonight, and I think he will. Garvin has really been dominant lately, and the only reason I could see Crewe going over is to build to an even bigger match down the line. This should be a pretty hard hitting match, but I expect Crewe to pull out his submission and grappling ability in this match to win.

Freddie vs Lexus

Freddie Hudson vs Lexus Montez

Two standouts of this season clash in this fight that should be a pretty good showcase of UWFi rules. I have a feeling this will be the kind of match you can show someone to explain UWFi rules to them.

Yoya vs Martyr

YOYA vs Robert Martyr

I love when we see training partners fight in the ring together, and this match will give us just that. I'm excited to see what this match gives us, as Martyr has quickly become one of my favorites, and I've been watching YOYA all over the country. This should be a really fun match, but I think YOYA will ultimately win.

So that's the card for the season 2 finale. No Hook season 2 will be the next Paradigm weekly show, followed by UWFi season 3 this Summer which will be the Middleweight Title tournament. On May 21st is Terminal Combat, and soon Pawcade 2 should be uploaded on IWTV

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