Here we are again! Time for another episode of UWFi Contenders Series, and it's a stacked six match mania week special. We've got debuts, two title matches, and in general tons of action! So let's dive right in to what Paradigm is calling the biggest episode yet!

Makowski vs Hoodfoot

Matt Makowski vs Hoodfoot

This is going to get ugly. Hoodfoot is of course the undefeated Heavy Hitters Champion and is a whopping 10-0 in UWFi rules. He's been the man to retire wrestlers, win tournaments, and ultimately prove to be unstoppable. That being said, he's facing the first wrestler to have the potential to best the champ in their debut: Matt Makowski. Makowski was recently revealed as the newest member of Team Filthy, and there's a reason Tom Lawlor recruited him. A former MMA fighter for promotions such as Bellator, Makowski has been on fire lately, including winning the Beyond Wrestling Greatest Rivals Round Robin. While I'd typically never bet against Hoodfoot, don't be shocked if Makowski manages to pull off the upset win here. 

Montez vs Bev

Bobby Beverly vs Lexus Montez

A rematch from season one, this one is sure to be controversial no matter what. Last season, Montez beat Beverly by referee stoppage, but Beverly claims the match shouldn't have been stopped. He feels like he was robbed, and so going into this match I wouldn't expect much sportsmanship out of the 44OH member. This is going to get vicious as Beverly has something to prove, while Montez needs to show his win wasn't a fluke. As if the stakes weren't high enough in this match, it's a number one contenders match, so expect this one to truly be brutal. 

Chase vs Appollo

Chase Holliday vs Appollo Q. Starr

In our second title match of the night, we have the debuting Starr taking on Holliday. Chase Holliday is an absolute beast in the ring, but Starr's biggest advantage here is experience. He may be making his UWFi debut, but he's a twenty year veteran! Hopefully this match will expose him to a wider audience as he certainly deserves it. As for who will win? I'm predicting Chase probably retains. Just doesn't seem like the time for him to lose his belt. 

Akira vs Heeter

AKIRA vs Hardway Heeter

Two members of Kill or Be Killed face off as both men could really use a win here. Heater is 0-1 under UWFi rules, while Akira needs to bounce back from his loss to Hoodfoot two weeks ago. Knowing these men, they're not going to go easy on each other just because they're stable mates. This match should be just as hard hitting as any UWFi match. I think Heeter will probably win, but never count out Akira. 

Kane vs Kidd

Alex Kane vs Phoenix Kidd

The debuting Phoenix Kidd is another example of Paradigm taking deathmatch guys and putting them into shoot style matches, and they have a pretty good track record with that. I'll admit, as much deathmatch as I watch I haven't caught him yet so I'm quite interested to see what he's got. But come on, Kane is going to win this. Between UWFi and No Hook, Kane has been on a tear. He's got a massive mania week lined up, just won SUP's Incarnation Gauntlet, nobody can stop him. 

Sidney vs Leonard

Dustin Leonard vs Sidney Von Engeland 

The debuting Engeland brings a British chain style against Leonard's blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Like I've said, most people lose their first UWFi match as they're still adjusting to the format, but I think this could be a sleeper hit for match of the night as their styles blend perfectly. I do think Leonard will come out on top, but this is one to watch. 

As always, tonight's UWFi card is stacked top to bottom, so make sure to tune in at 10PM on IWTV. UWFi Contenders Series is brought to you by Paradigm Pro Wrestling, make sure you check out their other shows available on IWTV.

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