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It's once again time for UWFi contenders series as we head into episode two of season two. After last week's explosive season premiere, we have five big fights scheduled tonight so let's get into it, starting with our big main event. 

Lawlor vs Crewe

Tom Lawlor vs Lord Crewe 

So Lawlor is the odds on favorite for this match, despite only having one UWFi rules fight under his belt. Just from UWFi records you'd expect Crewe to be the favorite, but Lawlor has racked up quite a few wins over in MMA from his time on The Ultimate Fighter. Whenever Lawlor steps into a more shoot style wrestling match he tends to be the favorite. That being said, Crewe won't go down without a fight, and it would be a huge mistake to underestimate him. Crewe is very talented both in shoot style and deathmatch wresting, and I wouldn't be nearly as shocked as some people would if Crewe managed to pull out the win here. 

Awful vs Williams

Kerry Awful vs Aaron Williams

Kerry is a true indie darling, and has been putting on amazing performances for years. You might have seen him on Dojo pro fighting Kevin Ku. Williams is another big name in the UWFi space as he main evented last season's finale in a match with Matthew Justice I highly suggest you watch. This should be a short one as they go for knockout. Expect this to be hard hitting and brutal. 

Cole vs Yoya

Cole Radrick vs Yoya

Cole is pretty much always the smallest man in his matches but tonight he actually has the size advantage over Yoya. That being said, Yoya is a sparkplug, having fought Akira in one of the most talked about matches of last season. Radrick is down a win, while Yoya is even. Keeping Radrick competitive could hinge on a win here, while for Yoya it would certainly push him up the ranks. 

Kane vs Hudson

Alex Kane vs Freddie Hudson

This could be sleeper hit of the night as both men have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. Freddie is a former Paradigm champion himself, thanks to UWFi rules, while Kane was handpicked for Paradigm by freaking Dan Severn, and that mustache never lies. I have no clue who will win, but the fans certainly will. 

Mathis vs King

Nick King vs Ron Mathis

Both win have yet to get a win in UWFi rules, but tonight that changes. I feel like with such a quick turnaround from his loss last week King will probably win, but man I'm pulling for Mathis. As some of you know I'm a huge deathmatch fan, and Mathis won the 2015 Masters of Pain Tournament defeating Nick Gage of all people. I've written an entire ranking of the Masters of Pain tournaments so check that out for more on Mathis. 

In general, tonight should be another great night of UWFi fights. So I'll leave you with some words from Paradigm Pro themselves. "This episode was made possible through the sponsorships of The Grindbin Podcast,, the Ohio Wrestling Alliance, the IWTV Guide Podcast, Dirty Bird 33 on Twitch, The Queen’s Takeover Wrestling Podcast, United Pro Wrestling, The Wrestling Nerds Radio Network, The Uplift Ultra Youtube Channel, Super Saiyan Mutant Wrestling GIFs and Wrestling Simulator Mods, and the generosity of our IndieGoGo supporters.

The UWFi Rules Contenders Series airs every Wednesday at 10 PM ET / 7PM PT on IndependentWrestling.TV, the world’s largest library of independent wrestling. The streaming service IWTV is available for $10 per month on Roku, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, iOS, Google Play and more." 

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