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Limitless Wrestling has been putting out some of the best shows over the past few years, and Vacationland Cup 2021 is no exception. The show will make it's streaming debut on IWTV September 9th, and believe me when I say it will be worth the wait. The tournament itself is great, the non tournament matches are interesting, and the title match is one of the best you'll ever see. 

love doug vs price

Alec Price vs Love, Doug- Round 1 match

Alec Price has become a staple of Limitless and Beyond Wrestling, and is a must see talent. Love, Doug fought hard to get here and has been having a Cinderella story as of late. This should be a good one. 

romero vs byson

Rip Byson vs Ace Romero- Round 1 match

Rip enters his first Vacationland Cup after putting in a great non tournament match last year against Big Beef. Rip has been tearing it up in Limitless for quite some time now. He's truly established himself as one of the mainstays of the company. Ace Romero is well known through appearances in places like Impact, but Limitless is a place he calls home. These two are a perfect match for each other, making this a must see. 

greene vs blackwood

Anthony Greene vs Kevin Blackwood-Round 1 match 

Greene has recently returned to the independent scene, and is looking to remind everyone why he's fantastic. He also won the 2019 Vacationland Cup meaning he's looking to bring the trophy home again. Kevin Blackwood won't go down easy though, as he is proving to be one of the toughest fighters out there. This is Blackwood's third Vacationland Cup, and so of course he wants to get his first win before Greene gets his second. 

becca vs dunn

JT Dunn vs Becca-Round 1 match

JT Dunn has been wrestling for almost a decade, and is making his third Vacationland Cup appearance. He missed 2020's iteration, but is looking to make his big return, and hopefully his second win. Becca is the first woman to compete in the tournament since the 2018 edition, and looks to make history by winning. This one could really go either way. 


Vacationland Cup Finals

Unlike most eight person tournaments, Vacationland Cup always ends in a fatal four way elimination match. This means truly anyone can win, and it has made for one the most unpredictable tournaments ever. 

davienne vs allie

Davienne vs Allie Katch

Two of the most hard hitting women on the indie scene look to steal the show. Davienne has been killing it as of late, and everyone loves Allie. With all the buzz on the tournament and the title match, fights like this could slip through the cracks. This is not a match to sleep on though, and could be one of the best. 

ku vs cashew

Brad Cashew vs Kevin Ku 

Brad is maybe one of the best kept secrets in wrestling right now. I don't often see people talking about him, but every match of his I've seen I've loved. In fact, just a day before Vacationland Cup, he defended his Chaotic Wrestling Title against Alec Price. If you have read any of Indie Talent Showcase then you know how much I drool over Kevin Ku. He is a true star, and this is a match up I may not have though of, but now that I know it exists, I need it. 

tag match

Maine State Posse vs Ava Everett and Charles Mason vs Sea Stars vs Prestigious 

There's a lot of tremendous talent in this ring, and any time you have four teams facing off you know it's going to get crazy. This match feels like anything could happen. All four teams in this are fantastic, and any permutations of this could also be great. This will be a showcase of great tag wrestling. 

garcia vs drake

JD Drake vs Daniel Garcia-Limitless Championship

Is anyone having a better 2021 than Garcia? He's facing top names all over the country, he's on AEW in the ring with names like Darby, Matt sydal, Moxley, and even took Punk's first televised GTS in 7 years. He has matches coming up with Speedball Mike Bailey and Minoru Suzuki; this kid is unstoppable. That being said, one of his three belts is on the line here against another indie icon in JD Drake. This match got the entire indie community talking after it happened, and for good reason. I saw it, and can confirm that is one of the best Indie title matches I've ever seen. This match lives up to the hype, and you absolutely cannot miss it. JD Drake and Daniel Garcia are two of the best wrestlers in the world today, and if anyone doubts that, watch this fight. 

The show airs on IWTV September 9th at 8 PM EST, and you do not want to miss it. You can see the rest of their shows on demand now on IWTV, and trust me, you should!

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