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The Bu Ku Dao vs TJP was story was pretty good. It was a lot of fun to watch the person brought as TJP's student realize he's a grade A pile of donkey dirt and get a big win over him in a feel good main event. The problem now lies in the fact that that's the only thing he's done in MLW. With this current season of MLW ending in two episodes, odds are we won't see any major Bu Ku Dao stories until next season which begins on July 10th. So what should that story be? Bu Ku Dao is a great wrestler, and I feel there's lots of ways his story can go, but I think I have a solid idea. So stick with me as I give you what I think is next for Bu Ku Dao.

bu ku dao

Let's start on the first episode of our new season. First match to open the show needs to be a fire cruiserweight match. So we get Zenshi vs Bu Ku Dao, and we all know my thoughts on Zenshi. I'd have Zenshi go over here, the man needs a win for sure, and I thought this loss to be a spark. I want Bu Ku Dao to lose here because right now he probably feels on top the world. After winning a huge match and getting out of TJP's shadow, Bu Ku Dao needs to be reminded that MLW is a tough competition. From here, we begin building up Dao in the Middleweight division, having him face off with everyone from Rocky Romero to Laredo Kidd. Put him on a nice win streak: nothing too unbelievable, but good stuff nevertheless. As Dao continues to rise up the ranks, he gets a shot at Lio Rush's Middleweight belt(ya I don't see Myron winning) and during the match it seems like Dao will win. Just then: Keisuke Okuda.


The Dragon Gate Brave Gate Champion crashes the match and attacks Bu Ku Dao and gets the match cancelled. We find out he did this because he's sick of Lio being treated as better than him despite them both holding Cruiserweight Champions. Okuda wants a shot at Lio's belt with plans to retire the MLW Middleweight Championship. During all of this champion vs champion drama, we get Dragon Gate beating all the other Middleweight wrestlers to make sure that Okuda gets his match with Lio. As the Dragon Gate boys run wild, we are left with a defeated Bu Ku Dao once again seen as just not good enough.

The thing about Bu Ku Dao is that even he had that big win against TJP, he still naturally plays an underdog so well. I mean he's five foot even, so it's not hard to portray him as the underdog. I think best thing to do to push Dao forward here is going to be something that has worked incredibly well for WWE recently: a gauntlet match. Have him face some of the Dragon Gate members to earn a shot at Okuda. Let Dao win even, and then he goes away. I want Dao gone from MLW for months, as he goes and wrestles in Japan. It's something he doesn't yet in his surprisingly long career at least from what I can tell, and it would be wonderful to see him get that experience. The point here is let Lio beat Okuda, keep his reign going strong taking on other competitors until we start heading into the next season finale.

lio rush

Now that MLW has its championship commission, we can run a story of Lio demanding better competition. He is always trying to prove the commission just doesn't get how good he is. So after weeks of taunting and pushing them, the commission tell Lio they're bringing over a star from Japan. Of course, we know where this is going. Lio Rush vs Bu Ku Dao 2. This is a much more confident Dao, having been a heel in his Dragon Gate run to build experience at getting heat, because I think Dao wins here. As good as Rush is, I don't know how long he'll be in MLW, and I think it's important for MLW to have champions that they can truly claim as their own. They have that right now with Hammerstone and Fatu, but other top contenders like Muertes are associated with Lucha Underground, so who knows what the title picture will look like by then. But I think a much more confident heel Dao should ultimately take the belt off Lio. Lio is great name recognition, and whoever he ends up dropping the belt to will get a huge rub, and I think Bu Ku Dao should be that person.

So maybe it's a little extravagant, but I think this would be a great way to manage the lightning in a bottle MLW has with Bu Ku Dao. Where do you want to see his career go? Let me know below and keep watching MLW. 

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