Kyle The Beast or KTB for short, is a 6'1" 274 lb powerhouse out of New Jersey.  KTB made his in-ring debut in 2006, but did not start taking the independent world by storm until 2013.  KTB has wrestled in many independently, most notably GCW, CZW, Synergy Pro Wrestling, Limitless Wrestling & Pizza party Wrestling.

The Beast brings his powerhouse, bruising style into the ring every time he steps through the ropes.  Although, KTB brings a bruising powerhouse style, he is very athletic for a guy of his size.  One of his more notable matches that showcase this powerful, athletic & innovative style is his match with Blake Christian at GCW Lights Out. 

If you have never seen any of KTB's matches, I highly suggest searching them out and watching them.  You will also be able to catch KTB this coming weekend, as he competes in Synergy's 2020 Garden State Invitational.  KTB is 1 of 8 participating in this years Garden State invitational.  He will be facing Simon Gotch in a 1st Rd. match on July 25th, with the winner facing the winner of the Tony Deppen/Gregory Iron Match.

I have a feeling that the styles of Gotch & KTB have the makings of hard hitting 1st bout at the Garden State Invitational.  Tune in July 25th on FITE to find out who will become this years, Garden State Champion.  

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