Interesting AJ Styles Comments, Jersey Shore Star On Working In TNA, HoF Dress Code

- AJ Styles was a guest on "Busted Open" with Dave Lagreca and Mike Riker and he said some things that caught our attention. The number one contender said TNA Wrestling needs someone in charge that knows what to do with it once they see what's going together well. He also said that if Hulk Hogan re-signs, the company has to know what to do with him. If he scratches their back, they'll scratch his.

- Angelina Pivarnick from MTV's "Jersey Shore" recently spoke about her time in TNA Wrestling from a few years back in a new media interview. She claimed she had to call Dixie Carter herself to get paid and that she received training from Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle and Robbie E. You can listen to her comments in their entirety at this link.

- TNA Wrestling posted full details on Saturday night's Hall of Fame Banquet here on their official website. In it, they confirm a three course meal is included and per the hotel's policy, no shorts or flip flops. Collared shirts for men are preferred.

  • Dylan Standlea

    If you’re read the original interview with A. J. Styles, it’s very apparent he was speaking in character regarding Dixie Carter. There is no reason to suspect he was truly suggesting that his boss didn’t know how to run a wrestling company.

    • opie

      Except for the fact that she doesn’t…

      • Dylan Standlea

        That is obviously your opinion, and not a fact. And it is not an opinion that A. J. Styles has expressed out of character.

  • David Jr.

    I was watching Supernatural and a commercial for Vampire Diaries came on. The Vampire Diaries commercial had AJ Styles’ song, Evil Ways, playing.

    • Elisabetta Jorgensen

      Unless he copyright it that song does not belong to AJ Styles

      • David Jr.

        I wasn’t saying he owned the song. What did you want me to say they were playing Evil Ways, which AJ Styles used as his entrance music, it was just quicker typing what I wrote.