WWE Issues Statement Regarding CM Punk's Attack On A Fan

We reported earlier that the fan that was attacked by CM Punk last night on WWE Raw filed a police report. A WWE representative contacted TMZ about the incident as they picked up this story. Below is what the rep told them:

"WWE security was unfortunately not in the appropriate place at the time. Given CM Punk's persona as a 'bad guy' fans were naturally heckling him, but unfortunately a few fans began shoving him and one struck him in the kidney and on the back."

The rep adds, "WWE regrets that proper security measures were not in place, and CM Punk apologizes for reacting in the heat of the moment."

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    will cm punk loves kissing a lot, he can kiss his wwe title GOOD BYE

    • nick


  • Coopapalooza

    Thats good enough for me. Punk should have stood over him and shouted “best in the world” as well!!

  • Sythian

    See that’s the sort of apology that should have been issued. On top of that the guy should have been a man and contacted WWE about it rather than being a whiny little ***** about it. Yeah, Punk lashed out and hit the wrong guy by mistake, he stuffed up, these things happen

    • ChrisH

      Punk assaulted him, he did what he should have done. If Punk had punched your family member, bet you’d not call them a “whiny little bitch”.

    • Anand

      He has to show as if he is concentrating and reacting to what Vince has to say in the ring. When you are working and someone is constantly shoving you from the back, anyone would lose their calm and so did Punk. I do agree that the wrong guy got punks response but these kinda things happen at the heat of the moment.

      The fan has to forget that this happened and move on. After all punk has no beef against him and has no reason to try to attack someone from the audience 🙂

  • Pause the Video!!!

    If you look behind the guy who hit CM Punk, there was a different guy who was behind the alleged instigator who pushed Punks head and walked away. He's wearing a grey or white sweater. He's shooting Punk the middle finger right behind his head. Look closely. Theres a hand on Punks head the sametime thee guy in the black shirt is putting on his glasses, which makes it impossible for it to be him. CM Punk clearly hit the wrong guy. Maybe even a fan of his.

  • Hitman310

    In one video it makes out to be that punk just snapped on the guy but the second you see people giving him a hard time and even push him. At one point in the video there’s a little kid that shoves punk hard so by that time the other guys accidently from what I can see hits punk in back of the head with his fore arm.

  • Evon Reese

    Keep inviting fans to jump over the rails and come into the ring with him and this is what you get. Some idiot is going to take it personally.

  • havoc525

    I would have refused to let Punk apologize, have him use it for more heat. They’re starting to put the Lawler heart attack in his gimmick now, why not this as well?

    • Vince Mcmahon

      Some people just don' get the business side of the business!!!

  • Alexblack1982

    The real fan who was responible for the incident as come forward on twitter, bragging about what took place. Saying that he’s happy Punk hit the wrong guy and there’s nothing the WWE can do about it.

  • W

    Why in the HELL would he even go in the crowd in the first place? Traditionally they go through the crowd to get the fans involved and always get touched. He has so much heat as a heel that you would think that over the rail would be the last place he would want to go. Blaming securtiy is plain stupid! Security keeps people from the ring area and now I hope they keep him from the crowd. That was a CM Punk Bitch move! He deserves anything he gets for hitting that guy! Very unprofessional! One day he will do that and some crazy ass biker or someone will stomp his brains out and maybe then he will learn his lesson! What else was he expecting to happen? That was not anyone’s fault but his! He is a bully and I hope they fire his skinny-fat ass!! Go through the crowd and not expect anyone to touch him…..what a freaking TOOL!! It will be a huge disservice to the fans if nothing is done about this! BULLY Punk!

    • W

      Looks like Rybac VS Cena for a vacant title at HIAC!!!!

      • Dan

        Hey. Good point. Super cena hands ryback first loss. Oi vey.

        • hurrigame

          Because one week off felt like one year to ol' Super Cena, right?

  • Tom miles

    How can you guys support the actions of a professional athlete, who hits out at fans? He performs in front of millions of people mostly kids and if wwe are to keep pushing with this Pg era than I would expect him to be punished. Exactly like the case of Eric Cantona at Manchester United.

    • Tom

      Ya ! I agreed with that, absolutely right

  • Snap

    Mistakes happen, it's incredibly easy for us to look at video footage and vilify Punk in the incident, but when any performer is in the thick of things and they get assaulted from behind and then react, how can they know that the person directly behind them WASN'T the one responsible?

  • Stoney

    If I could steal a Letterman quote……………. WE'RE GONNA GET SUED !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sam

    Fans are going to push and shove if your standing in the crowd as a heel! … especially if you put it over so well! there is no excuse for the actions he did… I'm a big CMPunk fan so as much as I hate to say it…. last night he was a typical Punk!

  • Blake

    Well if someone basically attacked me I would attacks them back

  • Immy

    You clearly see the guy with the glasses catch CM Punk in the head quite slighly whilst pretending to put his sunglasses on, the only thing punk did wrong in my opinion is not knockout the other guy in the grey aswell. Wrestling spills into the crowds every now and again and Punk was only protecting himself he didn’t know how many of them they were who may have attacked him as the security was so lapse, if a guy pushed security around like they did punk I’m pretty sure the would have been kicked out straight away!! Well done CM Punk protect yourself at all times…

  • Paul B

    Are people serious? A man got assaulted because a hot headed asshole took a swing at someone without bothering to find out if it's the right guy or not. I don't care what you do for a living, that is battery.

    I was a huge CM Punk fan, but his actions were uncalled for. If it is so easy to get underneath his skin; he is in the wrong business.

    • Jaycee

      Yeah let's see how you would react if someone kicked the squeegee out of your hand then almost shove you to the ground. Would you stand there and take it? I doubt it.

      It's not about being in the wrong business. If someone is intentionally trying to cause you harm, you're going to react. Doesn't matter if you're famous or an average joe. It's self preservation!

      The suck is that the wrong guy got tagged.

      Seriously, don't fool yourself and act like you wouldn't have done the same thing if you were in Punk's shoes.

    • Steph

      Totally agree…there could have been a child in that man's arms , it could have been a person with special needs. Would people be so quick to jump to his defense then. I am also a huge CM Punk fan but I lost a lot of respect for Phil Brooks & not his WWE persona. His apology is also BS…he was on Facebook last night bragging that the guy deserved it then when it started getting reported to WWE.com he was suddenly "sorry" , sounds like he might be a little worried about his title & not the man he busted for no reason

  • RobUK

    How many of you would accept getting pushed or elbowed at work…? No matter what your job is…? I’m guessing none of you.
    It makes no difference if you’re a wrestler or if you work in store. It can not be tolerated. Yes Punk reacted to it, but who wouldn’t? Your telling me if someone came into your place of work and shoved you that you wouldn’t react?
    Yes wrestlers get ‘touched’ when they go through the crowd – patterd on the back mainly. What gives people that right..? A ticket..? No, and they especially have no right to be pushing or elbowing talent. We have a misconception as a society that ‘celebraties’ or ‘stars’ are different and therefore we have a right to react to them in a different way to your everyday person. forget what money people make, what you earn shouldn’t determine your basic human rights.

  • Bluetrooperair

    How many times can a person be assaulted before they can defend themselves? One time. CM Punk was assaulted at least four times prior to defending himself. The fans are the ones to blame…

    • W

      He should have never went into the crowd. Especially now that he is a heel. Someone will clean his clock one day.

  • PhilT81

    Some of you are complete morons.

    You’re standing up some really steep steps with no handrail. You are sorrounded by people jeering you and the you start getting punched in the kidney, the back and back of the head. You hear someone say ‘let’s push him down the stairs’ and then you get a firm shove from behind that nearly makes you tumble down the stairs? Of course you are going to fear for your safety and lash out to defend yourself and turn round and stop the person immediately behind you from shovimg you down a flight of stairs and then getting potentially trampled as you lie at the bottom of them. Punk did absolutely nothing wrong and acted purely in self defence. The fans involved need identified and banned from WWE events for life. If it can be proven that the fan that got struck wasn’t involved in any way then some free tickets, merchandise and a meet & greet with his favourite superstar should smooth things over.

  • Franks


    • A fan

      CM Punk deserve what he got, it should have been worse, likes to attack people with out a reason, FIRE him.

  • Kevin

    Here's what I don't get: Punk stood there and took sevral pushes and grabs before he finally lashed out. Why didn't he just move up a bit to get out of the area? Or perhaps go back down toward the ring? He could have done a lot of things other than lash out. I hate to say it, because Punk has had one HELL of a run as champ, but if they don't pull the belt from him over this, then they'll be sending the wrong message, and you can look for more fan abuse from the talent.

  • Owolola adebola

    C.M Punk went beyond the ordinary by allowing emotions to take the greater part of him. He is like a falling guy clutching to anything that could hold him up . Perhaps wrestling has no ethics. He needs be examined psychologically. He went beyond the limit. Let him be told in a raw language that his imagination is his limitation.

  • gary

    hey i think he just made a mistake only the other day he bought all his fans lunch one daybreakfast the next day and other things he was upset and tired and just made atactical judgement thats why fans should not touch or get involved at all

  • Risendevil

    Mistakes happen????? So it’s okay???? It’s never okay to assault someone unless it’s in self defense or defense of your loved ones or property. Ask any cop. He’s a proffesionaly trained fighter. Security was within a few yards. He needs a serious reprimand. A public indefinate leave of absense. You assault anyone on your job lately? No. why? Because if you do you get fired. End of comment.