Jason Hervey Makes WGN America Tease, Tags Eric Bischoff

Jason Hervey, who is Eric Bischoff's partner in Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment, made a tease Wednesday on Twitter that "big things" are happening and Tweeted a photo from the offices of WGN America. You can view the Tweet below:

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Now, let me be clear. I have no idea what the news is, Alex Barie first brought the Tweet to my attention. However, there are some notes to make.

First, BHETV still produces Impact Wrestling, even though Bischoff hasn't worked for TNA in months and hasn't commented on his status at all. Eric Bischoff was recently photographed with Jeff and Karen Jarrett, who are currently shopping for a television network with Global Force Wrestling.

Finally, this could be a completely non-wrestling related project. The only reason we mention it is WGN America has been rumored to be one of the few networks interested in Impact, although we cannot independently confirm those rumors. Given the Bischoff/Jarrett photo, we couldn't simply not post this and ignore it completely.

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  • I think we might see GFW on WGN America IMO.

    • Bob’s Diner

      The only place you will see GFW is on a t-shirt

  • Michael

    Hopefully The Wonder Years will be on rerun.

  • Phil Lavrovsky

    Chuck Palumbo has a body shop next to where Bischoff’s company is shooting a new show. That’s what this is all about.