Jeff Hardy Bringing Willow The Whisp Gimmick To TNA Wrestling

Jeff Hardy will re-debut in TNA Wrestling under his old Willow the Whisp gimmick. The gimmick is something he used early in his career with OMEGA and again in 2003 when he first departed WWE.

TNA began airing vignettes on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling that were subtitled "Willow is coming…" You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below:

Hardy was written out of TNA storylines because he was unable to travel on the company's European tour due to a past drug conviction. He'll be returning at Lockdown and was added to the #LockdownMiami Fan InterAction event.

  • josh

    YES! YES! YES!

  • hi why did wwe let jeff hardy

    • Darkstalker

      Why did they let him leave?
      Because who wants a messed up drug addict way past his prime on their payroll?

    • He would have failed a third wellness test and been fired anyway. In TNA, he can do what he does and no one cares…whatever that is.

  • jman72485

    When I saw that I freaked out! It was a freaky video!!! Look like he might be a heel, I sort of got that vibe…

  • Venom

    While I think the gimmick looks interesting and different (I actually thought it was Muta at first) is it really needed? Jeff Hardy is a marketable name and recognizable face. It’s like Frankie Kazarian or Christopher Daniels wrestling under the Suicide gimmick. Wrestlers that don’t look intimidating are the ones that should wear a mask.

  • Borgi83

    Looks like they are trying to jump on the Wyatt ship and create a creepy gimmick

  • Dustyn

    Actually not a bad video.

  • Code

    this kinda reminded of the green goblin from spiderman

  • Dave Barton

    So, lets fast-forward a year and a half. Will Eric Young and a mirror be involved?

  • Brandon Warner

    How can he be so compelling and better at promos as Willow, but cut some of the most generic and boring promos as himself?

    • Splat

      Because in a video they can do 100 takes if they need to in-till they get it perfect. He will probably be just as bad in-front of a live crowd.

  • Gary Robert

    TNA likes guys with black & white face paint, I guess. Looks silly, to me.

  • Ablakefn74

    Digging the dark look!! I think I will work great for him!