Jeff Hardy Returning At TNA Slammiversary

Dixie Carter announced Wednesday on Twitter that Jeff Hardy will return to TNA Wrestling at Slammiversary on Sunday. Th following is from her verified Twitter account:

Hardy has been off television since the April 11th episode of Impact Wrestling, where he was "attacked" by Aces and Eights with a hammer.

  • sir-rusty82

    I remember when the Court case was going on between WWE & TNA & Richard use to say it was stopping TNA stars going to TNA, well the court case is over & not 1 person left TNA to go to WWE so half the stuff on here is starting to seem abit of possibilitys & not much actual facts

    • Razmos

      Its because all the TNA stars whose contracts expired at the time (Matt Morgan, D’Von and Jeff Hardy) all ended up signing new deals to keep earning, try reading up on all the FACTS before jumping the gun and making yourself look stupid.

      • sir-rusty82

        Oh Im sorry for not being as cool as you people that don’t leave the internet to have a life

        • Chris

          It’s called doing research before making an assumption. Instead of taking a shot at someone who responded to your comment, you could have spent a few minutes to look up the info you shouted off about and not risked being called out. If you have such an issue with the site, crazy suggestion here, why don’t you stay away from it?

          • sir-rusty82

            wow you guys really don’t have a life do you especially if you think that was me taking a shot at Richard. Get a life you pair of wrestling obsessed children

    • Nostaljack

      …and yet you’re still reading it, aren’t you? The occasional issue comes up here that’s rip for criticism but accusing Richard of reporting fiction? A little much, no?