Jerry Lawler and Jim Cornette on Women Not Working Greatest Royal Rumble Event

WWE has been catching a lot of criticism for the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia mostly for the fact that the female superstars will not be allowed to participate due to the strict religious laws in place in the country prohibiting women from doing... well, pretty much anything.

Jerry Lawler discussed it with his guest Jim Cornette on an episode of Dinner with the King. Cornette suggested that WWE simply pay the women to stay at home since the company was receiving a ton of money just to run the show. Lawler suggested it was likely to go down that way.

As an additional note, Lawler wasn't even sure if he would be able to use his 'king' gimmick there.

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    If the people of saudi arabia are too stupid to understand what a gimmick is and don’t let Lawler use the name King, then they might as well just start drinking the cyanide kool-aid because they have no hope of catching up to the year 2018. Pathetic.