Jesse Neal Opens Up About Controversy, Shoots On Bruce Prichard, Would Work For Jeff Jarrett

Jesse Neal did an interview at this link where he expounded on some things that have had him in the news recently. Below are the highlights:

Jesse said he's working two full-time jobs, landscaping in the day and working nightshift at Walmart.

He said the idea that TNA Wrestling pays big bucks is ridiculous and he turned down going to Ohio Valley Wrestling because it was for even less. He didn't want to be stuck in Louisville, crashing on someone's couch with five or six other wrestlers when he supposedly had a TV deal for a big-time promotion.

Neal called Bruce Prichard a "piece of shit" and blamed him for the de-push of Ink Inc. (Neal's tag team with Shannon Moore).

He had mostly good things to say about Dixie Carter but felt office people took advantage of her a lot.

Neal said he would work for Global Force Wrestling in a heartbeat and said anything Jeff Jarrett does will be money.

He said he broke his neck on a TNA pay-per-view and had torn ligaments, barely being able to move afterwards. He said the TNA doctor just told him to go home and rest and didn't offer much help beyond that.

Jesse said he didn't have a second job in TNA, although he knew people that did.

Once again, you can listen to the interview at this link.

  • Patrick

    Welcome to the World of Pro Wrestling Jesse learned that Pro Wrestling like Hollywood is not all it’s cracked up to be and it is not a easy bussiness to be in.

    • Johnny Medrano

      I know, it’s like he saw all the talent amd assumed they were as green as he was. And felt like he was beyond paying dues.

  • “Anything Jeff Jarrett does is money”

    LOL!! When did *that* become the case? TNA’s likely been in the red since day one. For the sake of the workers involved, I hope Global whatever works out but I’m not optimistic given his track record.