Jesse Sorensen Injury, D-Lo Brown & Al Snow In TNA, Jeff Hardy’s Career Restored, Smackdown Chamber Match, Bourne/Wrestlemania

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Did Zema Ion get heat in the back for the Jesse Sorensen injury at TNA Against All Odds?

If Zema Ion got any heat, I didn't hear about it. I went back and watched the spot a couple of times and can see mutual blame for the injury. Remember, it takes two to execute high risk spots and it's not only the one delivering the spot that's responsible as it's important to bump correctly. Sorensen could have been in better position to take the bump, however, I don't want to point fingers. The injury was a freak thing and I'm sure Ion feels terrible. The important thing is Sorensen is doing much better and is expected to make a full recovery.

What are the roles of D-Lo Brown and Al Snow in TNA as I saw them restrain Brandon Jacobs of the New York Giants on last night's edition of Impact Wrestling?

D-Lo Brown and Al Snow both work as producers backstage in TNA Impact Wrestling. They help out backstage, acting as a liaison between the creative team and talent. They are also in charge of evaluating matches at live events.

What's Jeff Hardy's status in TNA Impact Wrestling?

Jeff Hardy has full support of TNA management and his co-workers and while some will judge Hardy on past mistakes, I commend him for working hard to restore his career. Remember it wasn't long ago that Hardy encouraged fans to never start drinking or doing drugs. With that being said I think Hardy had a great match on last night’s Impact Wrestling with TNA Champion Bobby Roode.

What are your opinions of the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match?

I share the same opinion as Jim Ross on the decision to replace Randy Orton with Santino Marella... jaw dropping. Passionate Internet fans have reacted with strong negative reactions about the change but I have a hard time believing Santino will be taken serious as a competitor in the match. I have not heard the creative plans but I have to think hope something is up with Santino getting the nod.

Do you see Evan Bourne working Wrestlemania XXVIII this year?

Evan Bourne will be eligible to work Wrestlemania XXVIII but I haven't heard if he'll have a spot on the card. Generally speaking, a spot on the Wrestlemania card is a reward as the pay-per-view carries a large payout and is given to the top guys that have carried the company. Given the sticky situation Bourne has put himself in; his chances do not look good. For the latest bad news about Bourne and WWE, click here.

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  • Andy

    I don’t see Bourne working WM

    • Nostaljack

      I don't see Bourne working…period.

      • cristina

        Bourne doesn't DESERVE to be at WM. How many kids would do anything for a chance in WWE, and obviously he didn't appreciate it. Appreciate what you have before it becomes what you HAD

  • nothing_else

    I don't even see Bourne being with the company by Wrestlemania.

  • Vince

    Mcintyre should replace marella

    • Denny

      Probably will.

      • BollyMexCPhT

        If that happens, I will sell my Platinum seat ticket.

        • just a fan

          why, thats a shot mcintyre should get… i love santino but in a chamber match?

      • David

        Maybe even Christian returns and takes his spot.

  • havoc525

    Still see Henry dropping Santino before the match and taking his spot.

    • Brian

      When I first heard about Santino getting the nod, that was my first reaction.

  • Charles

    I think (hope) that there will be a similar situation to Kofi and Edge in 2009. When Edge jumped Kofi and took his spot. I seriously don't want to see Santino in the Chamber, as much as Santino can be entertaining, I just can't see it. I hope Drew or Christian (pipe dream maybe) takes his place somehow or another.

  • MonsterMike42

    I see either a returning Mark Henry or an angry Drew McIntyre attacking Santino before the match similar to Edge/Kofi in 2009.

  • Dirk Mingler

    I hope Henry attacks Santino as he’s making his way towards the chamber and takes his spot but that’s about it. I want D-Bry to remain champion!

  • I just don’t see what people see in drew?

  • Jbreed

    Maybe Christian returns at EC. Let's hope something happens because the last thing we need is for a goofball like Santino Marella to ruin such an important match.

  • MEMEMEM & ME!!!

    I dont know why people like Drew so much, only because he is Irish he has no talent in the ring what so ever, all that hype when he 1st came in WWE as the future world champion or whatever by Vince and now look at him!!