John Cena Injury Update, Zeb Colter One Of WWE's Best

John Cena Injury Update

John Cena's injury is legitimate despite the company intertwining it with storylines on this week's WWE Raw. The injury is nothing severe, such as an Achilles tear, and the latest word is that he will defend the WWE Championship against Ryback at Extreme Rules next month. I would expect him to continue to be limited in matches as the company will not want to jeopardize losing him for an extended period of time.

Zeb Colter is Old School

Zeb Colter claimed on his official Twitter account that he worked this week's WWE Raw while under the weather.

While Colter used his Tweets to further his antagonistic character, it is worth noting that Justin Roberts documented his own bout with the flu and fever at the end of the 2013 overseas tour.

Zeb's old school mentality of working all the time is great to see. He's certainly one of the company's top mouth pieces right now.

  • Don Tonberry

    “I watched the match back this morning and now, I’M A ROLE MODEL TO MYSELF!”

    Haha that is golden, especially reading it in his voice with his accent.

    • -|AZ|-

      That tweet had me rolling on the floor 😀

      Dutch is a keeper, Vince! Lets hope that he manages Cesaro soon (after his current gimmick is changed)


  • Michael

    They need to give Zeb more wrestlers to manage. I like the old days where managers managed a group of wrestlers.

  • wagdaddy

    I hope Dutch continues to show VKM that managers DO deserve a place in the “WWE Universe” especially today when most of the ‘Talent’ can’t work the mic.