John Cena Promises Update On His Health Monday On Raw

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WWE has a new video here on dot com with John Cena vowing he will be ready for next week's Raw despite undergoing surgery on Tuesday.

Cena says the surgery was a bit more intricate than they thought and encouraged fans to follow him on Twitter. He said his rehab is currently remedial. Regarding Raw, Cena said he will be there to give an update on his condition and when he can work again.

  • Jashaun

    See that’s the thing I love about cena weather he is injured or not he always wants to be there.

    • Ken

      The same reason most everyone else can't stand him, I think…

      I kid, I kid. Respect for his work ethic, big time.

  • Logan_Walker

    No one cares!

    • Evon Reese

      Yes someone cares

  • Gurinder

    He is injured still no day offff
    Come on wwe give cenaa some rest

  • Bishop

    This would be a perfect opportunity to elevate someone, someone who can put on good matches with Punk…Kofi Kingston?

    Where is John Morrison when you need him? Morrison/Punk had a pretty good feud in ECW.

    I guess they have no choice but to turn Big Show face again, as he has replaced Cena on house shows to wrestle Punk. It could be just that though, just stopping the bleeding until Cena gets back.