John Cena Says He's Trying To Change The WWE Title Design, Names Future Stars & His One Dream Opponent, More

John Cena recently participated in an interview on Mix106.1 in Philadelphia and discussed the current WWE Title design, his influences, future stars in the company, which Superstar he'd like a match with in any era (besides The Rock), and more.

Cena says that the current "Spinner" WWE Title design is the most requested and sold belt in WWE history, but also has the following to say:

"Being the guy who truly invented it, it needs to change. It has been the way it's been for years now. It's had it's run. It doesn't even spin anymore. It's heavy. It's awkward. It really is. An average championship belt weighs about 12 pounds. The current WWE spinning championship weighs 27 pounds. So we need a rehash. I'm proactively trying to do that, but I've only got so much stroke, guys. I can't do everything."

Cena also praises upcoming talent such as Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, and Cody Rhodes as future stars. When asked which wrestler from any era he'd like to face, he chose "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and said that he believes he has one more match in him, and says although CM Punk wants that match, he'd like to throw his name in the hat as well.

The full interview is embedded below:

  • thatguy

    Inb4 "Bring back the classic eagle belt"

    Yea that would be nice, though i'm sure they can come up with something original and fresh with a dash of the traditional feel

    • nite

      I think most fans and prob wrestlers too would prefer the classic eagle belt or something new and original like you mention over the monstrosity they have now.

  • Jaryd

    I expect some hate for this but I think I'd prefer Cena/Austin to Punk/Austin. I'd prefer to see a Badass anti-hero vs. clean cut goody superhero feud to an obvious straightedge vs. hellraising beerswiller feud. Also, I think in-ring workwise. Austin and Cena would compliment each other better than Austin and Punk. That would also free up Punk to face Danielson which is my early wish for next year's Mania. A man can dream!

    • bruno

      i cannot agree more to anything

    • John

      I respectfully disagree with you. Austin/Punk would be way more interesting. Punk would have to turn heel though and preach his straightedge religion to Austin who we all know loves to drink. I think it could make for a really awesome feud! Cena vs Austin would be cool not saying it wouldn’t but Punk vs Austin would be way more interesting. Btw Cena will do anything to get admiration from the fans,talking about he wants the belt design changed. Considering we’ve been wanting this for years! If they do eventually change the design, I just hope it’s not as lame as those tag team title design.

    • Zahid

      Yes and we've already seen a Stone Cold Stunner on Cena when they was in Afghanistan

      • XKonn247

        Because that makes a match…

  • Kerri

    Something about Cena mentioning that he's wanting to change the WWE Title design kinda bugs me. I feel like Cena just says it because he knows that's what most IWC fans want, like it's his 'go-to' statement about the belt and he's just playing it up to fans that are tired of the belt. Yes, he did mention on his twitter last year that he thought the belt design should change, so has Punk- just as many times as Cena, if not more. Hell, even Triple H has been reported as wanting the belt changed also. WWE has stopped using a design after the superstar it was designed for (Austin skull design). But if Cena really wanted the design changed, why didn't he speak up the last time he held it? He seems to say it when others have it, yet when he has it, not a word.

    • George

      Face it no matter what Cena says, the IWC will continue to hate him anyway because they just loving finding ways too. This is another example of him saying something that virtually everyone else agrees about and yet for some reason when the IWC's "Anti-Christ", John Cena says something they claim he's disingenuous and trying to suck up. I'm not too high on the "Superman" gimmick he's been using before either, but at this time the Cena hating is getting old and played out and people are just trying to make-up ways to bash him to keep the trend going.

      • John

        If you don’t like the Super Cena gimmick and yet your defending him because You see the anti-Cena fans bashing him is getting old then you really don’t understand fully how crappy the gimmick is. Look it’s like this, I for one respect Cena’s work ethic. I respect the fact that he works 300 days a year aside from the work he does outside the ring with the make a wish foundation. I really respect him for that…however I hate how he is always pandoring to the people specially the ones who hate him but not him personally but because of what he has become! He used to be way more entertaining, then he started to be way too corny, the first glimps of it was when he changed the names of his primary moves, FU to AA and STFU to STF. Then the colorful shirts with stupid and child like monicker like “never give up!” and “rise above

        Hate” and before it was things like Word Life and Ruck Fules. We went from the chain gang to cenation, come on! For years

        Cenas been playing up WWE’s version of his

        Character, not his own, unfortunately we only get to see the real Cena when the rock is around. Botton line Cena knows what he needs to do in order for us the “IWC” fans to embrace him again, he just needs to be himself again, that’s it! Stop kissing up and saying crap like the title needs to change. That is just pathetic.

        • George

          So what am I suppose to fault him for doing what he's told by his boss? All those decisions you mentioned are management's doing, not Cena himself. If I blame anyone for the corny gimmick, the fruity pebble merchandise the water-down PG unfunny lines that's been shoved down our throats for years it's them, not Cena. And than when the man says something we all agree on like Ryder should be pushed or the title needs to change we got guys such as yourself accusing him of "sucking up". I don't know if he is or not, but considering he hasn't had any real negative thing said about him other than from IWC fans who want him to be more edgy like he is now, I have no reason to doubt what he says or make more excuses to hate on him. At this point in time any criticism of Cena has been said over and over again. Everyone gets it, everyone knows, there's no reason to repeat it. much like the "Superman" gimmick the IWC's Cena bashing is wearing thin as well.

          • John

            Hahahaha dude at this point in Cena’s career he has the stroke to take his character anyway he wants. Look at Orton, even though he’s babyface he still acts like a heel, he just goes after the bad guys now and don’t bash the fans but he still does whatever he wants. Same thing with Undertaker. I really don’t think Cena is working against his will. But yeah Cena is a company guy and he will do whatever he is told, it is his job but the minute people around the world begun to chant “Cena sucks” they should have sat down and analyzed why that is happening. I remember very well when the chant first begun, the announcers and Cena himself would not acknowledge the chants. They went as far as inserting “artificial” cheers when Cena would come out because the boos were way loud and they didn’t want that to make it on TV. Many times anti-Cena signs were confiscated from fans because they just wanted to ignore the fact that ppl were sick of Cena. Again Cena must be bothered by it otherwise he wouldn’t try so hard to have ppl like him. Believe me that is exactly what’s going on and now with the Rock here, the guy every grown man cheers for, Cena sees that and I believe deep down theres some jealousy. So what does he do? He rallies behind Zack Ryder when on day one, Cena wouldn’t even give him the time and day. Cena goes on radio shows and tells things we all been
            Saying for years. Sorry if you don’t agree but it is what it is!

          • George

            Oh for God sakes this is so pointless, your argument just supports my statement. If you can't find more reasons to bash him other than the obvious you make stuff up you can't possibly prove true or not. Let's agree to disagree and move on

  • Brandon from south Africa

    Going to have to agree with Jarryd here. Cena and Austin would compliment each other. As for Punk, Daniel Bryan or Seth Rollins would make a better opponent. Hell, maybe even a triple threat match!

  • JasonGaza

    Sorry Cena, but Stone Cold will be facing Cm Punk at wm29. Wwe Are going to build That match up just like how they builed up Cena’s.

  • Frenchfry

    hmm id love to see 1 more austin match against either guy

  • Sam The Man

    Im afraid of a totally new belt because the last one was the tag-team belts and they are the worst design ever. Bring back the eagle wing. BTW english is not m'y first langage so dont come down on me!!

    • AJG316

      The only thing I could complain about is saying "m'y". That's not a word other that that really impressed considering I am personally impaired at learning another language, BRAVO

  • Jman72485

    I think they sholdve just kept the old world tag team belts when both titles where they were unified. I like the way those look

  • I don’t like the spinner belt design but I *do* like the fact that it weighs twice as much as any other belt. And I guess if the replicas are still selling better than all the others…

  • Dangerous Lee

    The belt better not be from the same designer as the tag titles. Those belts look so cheap. Worst design ever.

  • AJG316

    I think the only reason everyone hates on the current championship belt is because it's a spinner. If that's it then just make it stop spinning, keep the W (representing that it belongs to the WWE and nobody else just in case future tna feud) and just move on. Haters, hate what you hate and live with what you don't and if not then Ive got 2 words for you… DROP DEAD

    • Guy Landau

      They already made it stop spinning. It's still widely considered ugly. And no, WWE does not and will not create a title design (back in '06, mind you) for the chance that a company that just barely got a deal with Spike TV will feud with them. makes no sense.

  • Paul

    Cent is growing on me, the rock has brought out the best in his character, I really hope he carries on like this.

  • Kevin

    Cena gets the Rock at WMXXVIII; let Punk have Stone Cold at WMXXIX. That would be great to see.

  • Richie

    The only thing I don’t like about the current belt is that it says “champ”. Bugs the hell out of me for some reason.

  • Eddie

    i agree that punk vs austin would be better but i dnt think punk should turn heel……
    wwe tried hard to get rock and cena and equal share of supporting audience…. with punk and austin they will actually have that….
    the punk i would like austin to face is the punk in his current gimmick….