John Cena To Take A Hiatus Following Wrestlemania

As many of you speculated, John Cena did not make it past Elimination Chamber with the WWE Title in tact and this also adds to the rumours that his scheduled match at Wrestlemania may be the rumoured mixed tag with Cena and Nikki taking on the Miz and Maryse.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has also been reporting that Cena is apparently taking some time off following Wrestlemania and will be doing so for much of 2017. Cena has a film called The Pact set to be released in April of next year where he will star alongside Ike Barinholtz and Leslie Mann.


  • CM Punk

    yet wwe is his “passion” yet he’s going to leave once again and then when he does return will be given the belt again… so dumb

    • Brendan Wahl

      Yeah but he actually puts forth effort when he comes back. He would be stupid if he didn’t have something else besides wrestling because when his body eventually fails him, he can’t just sit around. Still gotta earn that dollar.

    • Farceur

      You can have multiple passions. Kudos to him for having the opportunity and taking advantage of it.

  • TheGreatLegend007

    CENA was talking smack about the Rock going Hollywood now he’s trying to do the same with his crappy movies and dumb TVs shows