John Laurinaitis Returning To WWE TV, Devon Back To WWE?, Taking PG Too Far, Why Cesaro Is Being Pushed

I am surprised John Laurinaitis hasn't returned to WWE television. Is he back in his executive position on a full-time basis?

John Laurinaitis' executive role in WWE has been significantly reduced as Triple H is now running Talent Relations, however, he is still working backstage in the company. As for his on-screen character, we haven't seen the last of him. I reported here on Premium that he is expected back "before long."

With Devon gone from TNA Wrestling, do you see him coming back to WWE?

There are a couple of hurdles before we are going to see Devon  back in WWE. One, if he is going to return with Bully Ray, things will have to be smoothed over with Triple H as he and Bully butted heads during the last WWE run of The Dudley Boys. Another thing is TNA's ongoing litigation against WWE which is currently blocking WWE from signing TNA names. The reason all these workers are walking from TNA is because they are being asked to take significant pay cuts as the company tries to cut roster expenses.

Once the WWE Network launches do you think they'll offer a PG-13 rated wrestling show?

WWE may have gotten "edgier" recently, however, Vince McMahon has maintained his commitment to producing PG programming. He has admitted they took PG a little too far but I don't see the company walking away from PG anytime soon. Anything is possible but by their own admission, producing PG content gives them more opportunities than the edgier programming.

With all of the wrestlers that have debuted or re-debuted over the past six months, why is Antonio Cesaro one of the first of the group to be given a mid-card title? Specifically, why was this given to Cesaro over Ryback, Brodus Clay and Damien Sandow?

When we broke the news that WWE was talking about putting the WWE United States Championship on Antonio Cesaro in the pre-show match prior to SummerSlam, I highlighted the fact Cesaro is seen as a "now or never" prospect. The company is high up on his size, look and in-ring abilities and they feel they can get him over in a short time. I can't give you details on why him and not the others but this is the thinking surrounding Cesaro.

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  • Patrick Peralta

    I hope John Laurinaitis does NOT return to TV I don't want to see him the guy is boreing.

  • Evon Reese

    Please no no no. Leave Johnny off TV.

  • Patrick Peralta

    Antonio Cesaro is very good as well as "Very European" I've been a fan since his indy days.

    • Ellen

      Having spent more than half my life working for a Swiss manufacturer (here in the States) Cesaro is the epitome of the European "holier than thou" persona which makes him an excellent heel.

  • KTH

    I would like to see Sandow take Del Rio's spot as a main event heel. Sheamus and Del Rio are going on 5 months with their storyline with their first confrontation the day after Wrestlemania. Time for something new!


      thats what made the wwe good back in the attitude era long title reigns and long storylines that last alot longer than the pg stuff thats been stuffed down our throats in the past few years bring back the edgier stuff

  • jay

    Where has mason ryan gone??

    • CrankyVince

      Yeah but they were good long storylines that made that era good. Not a crap feud like Sheamus and Del Rio. Every fucking promo of Del Rio’s has him saying peasants and destiny like 5 fucking times.

    • CrankyVince

      Idk. They should send him back to developmental honestly.

  • junior3rd

    I pray the dudley boys come back to wwe my favorite tag team ever and with the way bubba ray has improved should be amazing things

  • Rob

    If tna are cutting the roster expenses why do they keep hiring new people mostly from the gut checks

  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    The first question is stupid because why would anyone want Big Johnny back in WWE, but I like Antonio Cesaro before he was in WWE and good to see he is getting a break, but can anyone answer this for me, where is Dean Ambrose?

    • themcdangler

      I’m starting to think he died.

  • Philip Thompson

    Do you not think that the US title should be reserved for US wrestlers and the IC title reserved for non-US wrestlers? There's a reasonable balance of potential wrestlers in both categories – it could also lead to things like a whole PPV of USA vs The World – maybe have a whole Survivor Series built around it. The world and WWE titles could both have a USA wrestler vs a non-US wrestler. It's just something WWE could use for a short while – like they did with RAW vs Smackdown or WCW invasion, just something to mix it up a little. You could bring back the European belt and a belt for each continent – I know how much Richard just absolutely loves an excess of belts.. and we'd get to have The Great Khali as the Asian champion! We could bring back The Yeti and have him as the Antarctic champion (WWE would conveniently ignore the fact Yetis are from the Himalayas so are from Nepal which is NOT in the Antarctic)

    • Dan

      Wow. I hope you get hired as a writer tomorrow. Such ingenuity.

    • tna


    • tumadre

      Khali is Indian u idiot

  • Lenny

    Get rid of Sting, are you high? Sting is not like Hogan where he does very little and is overpaid, Sting actually competes on TV as well as live events. If he gets paid a little more than your average TNA star it’s because

    He’s earned it! He’s a household name. If Sting wasn’t wrestling at all I’d have a proble

    Too but the fact is, he’s active! He’s helped the company instead of hurt it! Don’t put Sting in the same category of Hogan as Bishoff, he’s above them!

  • Wainwright

    I agree! Just not as gm. Have him be a manager and have a stable of three or four guys.

  • Chris

    I don't think fumbling his lines was a character trait…just mistakes from a guy that should never have been put in front of a camera. His on-screen career should have ended when Cena smashed him in the mouth at MitB 2011.

    • Randy

      John Lauranitus is hilarious. Everytime he came out I laughed. From his facial expressions to his not finishing his words and the sound of his voice when he talks. WWE needs him back for comedic relief. You could even hear the announcers break out laughing everytime he was on. Can’t wait til he comes back!

  • Rick

    Big Johnny was rubbish from day one, Vickie is the best heel non wrestler since The Brain who was an absolute genius. If HHH really is looking out for the business then any issues with Bully ray should be easy to overcome especially with the WWE tag team division heating up. Now I m going to express my opinion of Antonio cesaro in 5 different languages, not really because it’s a stupid waste of time. I liked Kane’s sharing at anger management and coming to commentary putting the headset on and then saying nothing.

  • Pat


  • CrankyVince

    Or you can fire guys you never use… Hogan and them haven’t been completely terrible for TNA. I’ll agree they’re overpaid, but the TNA product this year has been way better than anything the WWE has put on except maybe NXT & the Punk/Bryan feud.

  • Anthony Walters

    Please come back soon big johnny and bring back people power