John Morrison Films YouTube Commercial With Jessica Alba

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John Morrison filmed a YouTube commercial with Jessica Alba in Los Angeles on Monday. You can view a photo of the shoot at this link.

  • Evil Kevyn

    Is it me or does it seem like JoMo is doing BETTER since he left WWE? Wasn't he on some other show recently and now he's doing commercials with legit stars? This is all without the WWE's aid and here I thought he might be in the Marine 12 someday…

  • gpturbo81

    looks like they had fun "wrestling"

  • Dr.Cool

    I hope we see Jomo either in Wwe,impact, or ring of honor soon because he's a phenomenal athlete and wrestler. If he were to go impact the dream match against Aj styles could be fulfilled.

  • jdl

    Interesting… what could he possibly be promoting? Strange to consider Jessica Alba, of all people, in a youtube commercial.

  • eurosario

    I wish I was him in that moment

  • Kevin

    That guy is one lucky SOB! They wouldn't have to pay me to do a commercial with Jessica Alba; I'd pay them!