Kane Running For Senate?, WWE Can't Escape Copyright Lawsuit

Senator Kane

The Hill is reporting that Kane is weighing a primary challenge against Senator Lamar Alexander, a Republican out of Tennessee. Click here to read their report, citing the libertarian magazine Reason.

WWE Can't Escape Copyright Lawsuit

A Texas judge ruled on Wednesday that music composer Papa Berg's lawsuit against WWE over copyrighted music can continue. Berg alleges that he wrote the "hit" song, "Badstreet USA," used by the Fabulous Freebirds, as well as "Man Called Sting," "Simply Ravishing," "The Natural" and "Steineeized." Berg says THQ contacted him to use "Badstreet USA" for the "Legends of Wrestlemania" video game before they noticed the song was owned by WWE.

According to the lawsuit, Berg discovered the song "had been improperly and erroneously registered" by the WWE, "resulting in the royalties being redirected to" the professional wrestling company. The Hollywood Reporter has the full story online at this link.

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    • Dustyn

      Or set you on fire!

      • Dustyn

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          • George

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  • BobCobb

    Kane should run for president!

    • JJ

      Although that would be cool he can’t, he was born in Spain.

      • He was born by parents who were stationed overseas in the Air Force, so he can legally run for President. He has always been a natural citizen.

        • opie

          Actually it depends. If he was born on a military base, that’s sovereign US soil (pretty much the same deal with John McCain). If he was born off base on Spanish soil, he can’t actually run for president.