Karen Jarrett Discusses How She Grew Up A Wrestling Fan; If She Has Heat With Vickie Guerrero

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Diva-Dirt.com has a new interview online with Karen Jarrett. Below are some teaser excerpts the publication sent us:

Growing up a wrestling fan: "My entire life I've been a wrestling fan. From the age of 10 years old, I started watching wrestling with my grandfather and have just been a huge fan. I was a fan of Miss Elizabeth, Sherri [Martel] and I just loved the business."

"Even when Kurt and I got married, he had never watched professional wrestling and when he started talking about getting into it, we were watching it and I would instruct him because I knew who everybody was. I was just very into it and love it."

Thoughts on Vickie Guerrero: "To be honest, I think Vickie is an incredible woman. She was a great wife and she's a great mother. As for the fans and the marks out there, or the people who get behind their little computer, you throw out some bait and they jump on it and I think people ran with it. It is what it is. But I have great respect for Vickie and her raising her daughters and everything that she has done."

You can listen to the full interview embedded in the player below:

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    I'm going to compare Karen Jarrett and Vickie Guerrero. Before I do, I want to define what makes a great heel. A great heel is someone who gains heat any kind of way. Whether it be talking too loud, talking too much, berating the fans, berating the city they are in, and/or berating a wrestler or on air personality. They do it so well, that it's worth applauding, from a smark like me. However, as time passes by in wrestling, fans, whether smark or not, have appreciated what heels do, and thus any pop they'd get, would be a respect related reaction. I mean Chris Jericho's last heel run was so successful, yet a lot of fans clearly cheered for Jericho, because he was so good at it.

    This is the major difference between Vickie and Karen. While the template of this annoying, loud, whiny woman is applied to both women, Vickie took that template and is entertaining in it. With Karen, she's not. When Vickie speaks, it's music to my ears, she's obviously improved on her character since the beginning, as it used to be one big earrache. She's transitioned to a great on air character, whether it be as an authority figure, or most recently, a manager. Vickie is the heat magnet that can draw heat towards someone. I see her work and don't see her hogging the heat. When say Ziggler is wrestling, Vickie can be seen cheering her man on, banging on the canvas, motioning for fans to clap for Ziggler, or to cease cheering for the face. Sometimes she gets involved, but she's basically doing what a manager typically does.

    Now Karen's in a valet role for her husband Jeff Jarrett, like that's necessary, and she's an authority figure for the Knockouts Division. When I hear Vickie speak, the words she'd say, make sense, she makes great points. However, when Karen talks, and tries to make a point, she just ends up being wrong all the time. For example, she tried to run down the Knockouts roster as strippers and prostitutes, and one moment in particular, she was running that arguing, looking at Tara. Yeah, that made no sense. I have to wonder why she says stuff like that, when she herself looks like a high class prostitute. I didn't say slut, I said prostitute, cleaner word. She is doing her job, she's gaining heat and all, but she hasn't entertained me. She even had the task of running Jeff Hardy down in a promo, which is so easy because Jeff Jarrett, everyone else who had backstage segments with Jeff would say some truth. So when they drive the argument against Hardy, all of them, well, but Karen can't, that tells me that she's not a good talker. If I recall, she mentioned things like Jeff's wife, and how she befriended her to move up the political ladder or something like that. I just couldn't make sense from that, it was just a trainwreck segment, thanks to her, and Jeff Hardy who obviously isn't a promo master.

    Maybe it's just selective perception, but I see Vickie, and think, asset. I see Karen, and think liability. The only positive is when she gets embarrassed, or beaten down, it will reek of awesomeness.

  • Blazeking

    "As for the fans and the marks out there, or the people who get behind their little computer, you throw out some bait and they jump on it and I think people ran with it."

    And that Karen, is why you'll never be on the same level as Vickie Guerrero. You don't talk about your fans that way. And as it stands, she doesn't have that many anyway. Her on-screen voice is horrible and monotonous. Who is she to try and talk like one of the boys? I swear Kurt should have never let her around the business. As much as I can't stand JJ either, he's better without her.

  • Terra Ryzing

    in my opinion I think they both draw go away heat…karen especially.

  • xXx

    Nah i love seeing Karen, but thats a different story.
    She can't keep up with Vickie though.To get deafening heat at times for saying two words is very impressive.
    Go away heat or love to hate heat.At the end of the day, it's all heat or pop and a unanimous crowd roaring is the chill in your bone and the paycheck to home.

  • HPK

    Vickie is great @ playing heel…But She was better @ it back when She and Edge were an " Item " and She was fat !!! Now , She is just a butterface manager !!! Hot Body !!!