Kharma On WWE Release - "It Doesn't Mean I'll Never Be Back"

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Kharma was asked on Twitter if she was granted her release from WWE. She responded with the following comment:

Yes, I was. It doesn't mean I'll never be back.

As we reported here on, Kharma was quietly released earlier this month.

  • havoc525

    She may have requested it to get through the scars she’s dealing with emotionally from the loss of her child.

  • Patrick Peralta

    I'm sorry to see her leave WWE but I understand considering all she has been through.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Better late than never. As much as I wanted to watch Kharma vs Pheonix, she's better taking her time off. All the best in whatever she's doing right now.

  • Alex P

    I see her coming back when she gets her life straightened out. I mean she went through an absolutely tragic event and her release request had to be related to that in some way….I mean if you think about it, the news of it was very silent. Anyway, I hope she gets to a good place in her life.