Kurt Angle Discusses Uncertainty In TNA, Facing Bobby Roode At Bound For Glory

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Kurt Angle appeared on "Busted Open" with Dave Lagreca and Dough Mortman where he promoted Bound for Glory and discussed his latest stint in rehab.

Angle admitted from the outside that things "looked a little scary" regarding TNA but he was glad to see everyone still working at a high level when he got to TVs last week. Angle stressed the need for unity and the importance of wrestlers and writers being on the same page. He said he wants TNA to be more organized like the way Vince McMahon runs the show.

In the same interview, Angle said he doesn't feel he was pressured into returning to TNA a month after completing this stage of his rehab program. He said he found out last week that he was going to face Bobby Roode at the pay-per-view and feels they're going to have an amazing match.

  • NotAgain

    Didn’t we see the exact same match at the same ppv not a in 2011? Granted it’s not for the TNA title but regardless it’s the same freaking match with only the roles being reversed. Roodes a heel and Angles a face. Coming up with something more creative, what’s that?

    It was also the same ppv that Hogan didn’t feel Roode “wasn’t ready to be world champion” and nixed it at the last minute.

    So basically all that time building the match up and hyping Roode ended up in being anti-climatic. I was sick to hear that it’s only because of Hogan which once again shows how much influence he has and just how backwards his mentality is. Way to go Hulky. You giant douche.