Kurt Angle Looking For Movie Donations

Kurt Angle, who I had an interview with last week, is seeking donations for Singlet. Singlet is a movie about an Olympic boxer who is making a comeback to professional weightlifting. Kurt Angle will have the star role in the film. He is looking for help and he knew I could. He knows the economic situation, so any amount of money will do.

Not only did Kurt allow me to interview him, but he was thrilled to have me post this article! To check out the site where donations are being accepted and a great video from Kurt himself, go to this website!

  • Stephen

    Yeah so much for making for than CM Punk huh Kurt….

    • The Dude


    • Dave Barton

      I'll be among the first to admit that Kurt was fallen off the wacky truck in the past few years, but it takes tens of millions of dollars to finance a decent movie…not even Cena could put together that kind of money.

      • Stephen

        I highly doubt it will cost that much. This sounds like a very very low budget movie that wont even make it to the theaters.

  • Trey8161

    Why can’t Kurt donate some of his own money..I’m sure he makes a hell of alot more money then us wrestling fans..

  • Ken

    So… the movie's about an Olympic boxer who goes into weightlifting, starring an Olympic wrestler who went into sports entertainment and MMA and back to the Olympics and to politics and deep sea diving and space exploration and experimental neural surgery (I know he hasn't said those yet, but I'm sure he will one day). Sounds quite fitting really.

    • just a fan


  • MrHVaron

    In appreciation, you will receive:
    A huge thank you and the right to say you are an investor in a wicked funny feature film but to be honest we will probably make some jokes about you cheapskates on Twitter and Facebook but certainly at the end of the film."

    Wow, for $5 I can be made fun of? What a steal!

  • diddy

    Only an idiot would give Kurt Angle money to make a movie.


    Of course he’s thrilled, he’s getting money while you do the work

  • Rob Deer

    So if I invest, do I make a profit when the movie is released? If the money makes millions over the next several years, I assume I get a % of payout?

  • smithmiester

    Kurt, just make a porno it will be a lot cheaper and I’m sure it wont take up too much of your time.

  • SEAN

    I thought he was supposed to be in a movie (with Kevin Nash) fighting zombies??

    • Ken

      Patience, Grasshopper. He'll post about that particular booze bender on Twitter next week, immediately following his claim that his blood can cure cancer, and right before he invents warp drive.

    • StephenSnel23

      That was a long time ago