Kurt Angle To HoF, Jarrett Snubbed, Ryder A Jobber, Ric Flair To WWE?

Was TNA's decision to put Kurt Angle in their Hall of Fame yet another attempt to keep him from going to WWE, like it was with Sting?

Kurt Angle's induction into the TNA Hall of Fame means a lot to him and I think that emotion shined through in his acceptance promo at Slammiversary. Absolutely the honor will play into Angle's decision when his TNA contract is up but it will ultimately come down to money and desire. Angle has repeatedly said he's a TNA guy but isn't ruling out WWE. Why does he say that? Because it provides him with more leverage for contract negotiations. The induction certainly doesn't hurt things if Kurt ends up on the fence but TNA will have to be competitive in terms of the dollar amount they offer him.  Let's also not forget it will depend WWE's interest and how much they would be willing to pay him.

Doesn't Jeff Jarrett deserve an induction into the TNA Hall of Fame?

The overwhelming majority of TNA wrestlers feel Jeff Jarrett should have been the inaugural inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame but he's been snubbed two years in a row. Jarrett wasn't even at Slammiversary on Sunday night. As I reported prior to the PPV, while the feeling was Jarrett was the "right" inductee, some felt it would be an active performer with more current appeal to the TNA audience.  The latter was true with the aforementioned Angle being the second inductee.

Why is Zack Ryder continuously put under in his matches?

Zack Ryder is currently working in WWE as an enhancement talent, better known as a jobber. This is what happens with talent there are not creative plans for and they need someone to come in and "do the honors" to make the other guy look good.

When is Ric Flair going to re-sign with WWE?

There have not been any new developments recently in Ric Flair re-signing with WWE. The feeling seems to be they'll bring him in on a per shot when they want to use him. Flair is still making regular independent appearances, signing autographs with limited physical involvement. You can read about an appearance he made on Friday night at this link.

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  • CJ Blaze

    I wonder if Vince let Ryder get what he wanted, and then put him right back where was before he was insanely over just so he could push someone else…

    • Nostaljack

      Ryder is likely being “jobbed out” because of the fact that he consistently whines about his spot. He hasn’t done that much lately but he was whining like crazy there for a while. Vince doesn’t like whiners and he paid for it. By whining, he also lost the internet support he’d once had. In many ways, he brought this on himself.

      • Scorchy

        Ryder committed the sin of taking initiative and getting over on his own. By doing that he stepped on the toes of creative and especially Vince. Even though talent is told to try to get a reaction and get over, it’s purely lip service. Vince does not like being unable to tell the audience who they should cheer or boo. So they shot Ryder up and then booked him like a clown to diminish him in the eyes of fans and to teach him a lesson. I have to hand it to Ryder for not giving up. If he sticks it out he will most likely be rewarded down the line. Unfortunately, in this environment, that means there will never be an organic superstar like an Austin or Rock created. For example, look what they did to Punk after the Pipebomb. Vince promotes the brand of WWE over any wrestler except for the corporate mascot squeaky clean Cena.

        • Nostaljack

          You’re right. After Punk’s “pipe bomb”, he was sent tumbling back to the mid-card. He did more jobs than I’ve ever…oh, wait…

          • Scorchy

            You misunderstand. They broke Punk down from what made him hot and turned him into a Cena style babyface that grew stale rather quickly. This was done because it was reported multiple times that Vince did not “get” CM Punk or his popularity and there was worry that he would over take Cena as top star. They derailed organic character growth so they could control the outcome.

          • Nostaljack

            You’re right – I kinda missed you a little. Sorry about that. By and large, you’re right. Still, I contend Punk’s pipe-bomb absolutely *was* him taking control over his character. There’s no way that was scripted by Vince. He was allowed to “let go” and he went in directions no one could have foreseen. He could never have known what was gonna come out Punk’s mouth. Punk was given a moment and he went right for the throat. Punk’s former “hotness” was likely the best thing that ever happened to him. He was given another sliver of a shot and he grabbed it for all he was worth. We know how that turned out. I was actually vacant enough to worry that me might not make it as a heel. LOL! So much for that! Talent has to get themselves over – even Vince orchestrates it to some extent. Ryder got himself over, had Cena’s support…then had no clue what to do with either once he did. That’s the difference between Punk and Ryder. Once Punk got people’s attention, he knew where to take it.

          • Scorchy

            Thanks for the apology, but I was writing in a rush so I can see how you would misunderstand. 🙂 Yes, you are absolutely right about Punk. They knew he was leaving and booked themselves in a corner with no new antagonists on the horizon for Cena. Punk took the opportunity by the balls and squeezed. Yet, when he caught fire, he then had to contend with the political game dealing with multiple people in power trying to derail his push and cool him off enough to take control of how he was presented. I think he did the best with the situation that he could, and came out as a permanent top guy. The factor with Ryder is that he seems to be totally inept at walking through the minefield of backstage politics. And it was actually Punk, not Cena, that went to bat for him. Ryder was put with Cena so Ryder’s popularity would rub off on Cena. Remember, at the time, Cena was being booed more than ever going into his first encounter with the Rock and they wanted to try to get Cena as hot as he could be for Wrestlemania (EMBRACE THE HATE.) And you are correct, talent have to get themselves over (Look at the Shield as an example done right), but they have to have the support behind them to make it work. Ryder never had that full support. He got over in spite of WWE, not because of WWE, and if Vince didn’t have a hand in creating or pushing a talent, that talent will be taught a lesson. Petty, isn’t it?

        • TheBigKing1

          Ryder got jobbed out after he got too arrogant and cocky right after he won the US title. That’s a fact and that’s the real reason why his push was halted, fyi.

    • TheBigKing1

      Also I heard he was like Swagger when they finally got championships, they get too cocky and arrogant. That’s what I heard…so they stripped it from him.

  • Chris

    I do find it quite odd, TNA has twice passed up the most obvious and deserving choice for their HoF and instead put a WCW Legend and a guy who made his name in WWE as their first inductees. Also, their Hall of Fame is apparently not something you get honored with at the end of your career, seeing how Sting’s actions since induction, and the likelihood that Angle will be back in the title picture soon as well.

  • John

    I wonder why their is even a TNA hall of fame in the first place? WCW didn’t even have a hall of fame and they were at one time the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

    • Kevin S Lehman

      WCW did in fact have a hall of fame http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WCW_Hall_of_Fame

      • John

        No they didn’t. The “WCW” hall of fame was for accomplishments in the NWA promotion.. Their was never an actual hall of fame for WCW talent.

    • Nostaljack

      Besides the IWC, almost no one knows TNA even exists. A Hall of Fame is supposed to be a promotional tool and TNA has proven repeatedly that it has no clue with regard to promotion. There’s kind of no real point to it.

  • jdl

    The reasoning behind Jarret not being inaugural inductee is that it’s Jarret, the guy was a midcarder until he made his own company. He doesn’t deserve it, and he never will. He may have held the TNA/NWA title quite a few times and been the focus of the company for a few years, but that was due to his own power within the company, his massive ego and a lack of attention to the company. Putting Jeff Jarret in any hall of fame would be like putting the scribblings of a five year old in the Louvre.

    • Ricky

      I agree in the early days of TNA he constantly gave himself the strap and refused to drop the belt. Last year He and Karen made it clear that TNA “hurt their feelings.” by not inducting Jeff. He did make TNA, but his actions in WCW and WWE when he attacked Jim Ross verbally, hurt him in the eyes of many fans.

    • Cjevarts

      Jarret was wcw world champ a few times, he was not a mid card jobber

      • jdl

        Get back to me when the WCW title matters and it wasn’t held by the “star” of a horrible movie.

        • Nostaljack

          As I’ve said a few times here lately, most don’t even know TNA exists. WCW was around far longer and was exponentially more successful.

    • Hercules Rockerfeller

      Sort of like Hogan is doing now right? Like if Hogan could step in the ring and wrestle, what makes you think he wouldn’t put the strap on himself? The bottom line is Jarrett along with his father founded the freaking company! If it wasn’t for the Jarretts, there would have never been a TNA. I’m far from being a Jarrett mark but I recognize when someone did something and Jarrett did something and not just something, something huge! Jeff and his dad should go into the TNA HOF together! And I said this once and I’ll say it again, if Hogan is inducted next year I will stop watching their shows forever!

  • sir-rusty82

    I don’t watch TNA but I always thought the HoF was for retired people, if Im wrong I don’t need hear from obsessed fans that I should do my homework my payment for this site is good enough for me to make my comment

  • Stones

    Ryder got over on his own, without the machine behind him and that’s a no no in Vinces eyes

  • Stones

    Do the words ‘Jarrett broke 6,000 guitars never drew a dime’ mean anything to anyone?