Lesnar's Summerslam Status & Wellness Mess, WWE Logic Fail, Major Draft Issues

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With Brock Lesnar reportedly testing positive for the banned substance clomiphene, which is also banned in WWE, don’t they now have to suspend him for 30 days?

John Cena stated last night on ESPN that Brock Lesnar has a long, hard road ahead of him. A company man, always toeing the company line, Cena seemed to imply there are going to be consequences within WWE. Why else would he say that? Surely he didn’t mean that in regards to Lesnar’s proposed SummerSlam feud with Randy Orton? But there is something that no one is talking about that should at least be mentioned. Can WWE, under their Wellness Policy, suspend a contracted talent under a test collected by another organization? In other words, Brock didn’t fail a WWE Wellness test. Yes, a banned substance was reportedly found to be in his system, but it wasn’t WWE’s test that found it. So I do think that creates a complex situation that no one seems to even be acknowledging. However, it would make for bad press if WWE did not suspend Brock Lesnar if it is indeed confirmed that he had clomiphene in his system prior to his fight at UFC 200. The whole situation is a mess and Brock Lesnar’s status for SummerSlam is very much in question.

Why put Daniel Bryan as Smackdown General Manger when they're starting a Cruiserweight Division on Raw? He is part of the Cruiserweight Classic show.

That’s WWE logic for you. From the way I understand it, Smackdown is supposed to be the more “wrestling centered” show, so shouldn't the Cruiserweight Division be on the blue brand? I agree that it doesn’t make sense to have Daniel Bryan, who is involved with the CWC, on the brand opposite of the Cruiserweight Division but again, welcome to WWE logic. The deal for Bryan to be General Manager was known and even spoiled by WWE last week, while the plan to add Mick Foley was made much later. I like the choices though and think both Foley and Bryan add to each of their respective brands.

What are you thoughts on Raw having the Cruiserweight Division as an exclusive?

The Cruiserweight Division should be featured on Smackdown, not Raw. Smackdown has the weaker roster and they’re the supposed to be the more wrestling-centered show. As I just got done typing, their General Manager is the host of the WWE CWC and let’s not forgot Mauro Ranallo either. It’s pure madness and completely defies logic to make the Cruiserweight Division a Raw exclusive. The only thing I can think of is they feel like viewership will be higher on Raw so it will give the division more exposure. But that seems like a poor excuse to me. I guess WWE will reintroduce the Cruiserweight title and I’ll be interested to see how the division goes. One thing WWE has never done well is showcase cruiserweight talent. WCW killed them on it years ago and even at the WWF’s peak in the Attitude Era, their cruiserweight (which I believe was called lightweight) division was a mere afterthought.

With the brand split, do you think this will help legitimize the secondary titles, or do you believe they will be lost in the shuffle more now?

The Miz and the WWE Intercontinental Championship are on Smackdown and Rusev and the WWE United States Championship are on Raw. We’ve seen the titles on respective brands before and they didn’t mean more then, so I can’t imagine they’ll mean more now. I hate being so pessimistic but WWE has done nothing to show me they care about these belts.

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  • Zack

    My thinking is with Vince originally wanting Shane to run Raw, he was going to have DB as the GM of Raw with the cruiserweights. When Steph and Hunter politicked their way into Raw, it was something that was simply overlooked or looked at as “oh well!”

  • Dave Barton

    So as it stands for now:

    1> SmackDown has the WWE & IC Titles
    2> Raw’s top title-holder is US Champ Rusev, and Raw also has the Tag Team, Women’s, and (upcoming) Cruiserweight divisions

    …but SmackDown will be the more “wrestling-themed” show???

    • Ray

      I guarantee the WWE title goes to Seth or Roman (IE Raw), the US title goes to Z-Ry (Smackdown) and the IC title goes to Darren Young (Raw) at the PPV. Very little doubt in my mind

      • Dave Barton

        So Raw will have the WWE, IC, Tag Team, Women’s, and Cruiserweight titles, leaving SmackDown with the US title.

        Seems about right.

  • Nick

    So does this mean they are going to classify Finn Balor as a cruiserweight?

  • Snap

    I don’t think that just because it wasn’t a WWE test which revealed the substance will necessarily protect Lesnar from consequences (or a suspension) in WWE, as WWE released Billy Gunn for having been found using banned substances in activities outside of WWE. Hulk Hogan was fired because of comments he made years prior when he wasn’t under WWE contract, so Lesnar is very much in the crosshairs of consequences within WWE, particularly with the substance also being banned in WWE.

    I know I may be a little idealistic in a “one rule for all” mindset, especially when it concerns WWE but I do believe if they will punish talent for not only unprofessional conduct outside of the company but also when long buried skeletons in their closet are brought to light, WWE should not set a double standard and should take appropriate action where Lesnar is concerned.

  • Mandy

    Last night I thought of Smackdown as the weakest roster as well but I can see the wrestlers on this roster getting a much better break than those on RAW. RAW is a complete mess, much of the talent there is going to get overlooked or completely buried. No wonder Cesaro was pissed being drafted to RAW. I agree the Cruiserweight Division should have been on Smackdown because I have zero hope for it on RAW.

  • David F

    There is no way WWE can have Brock perform at Summerslam in front of Brooklyn crowd. The crowd will be all over him for failed drug test and WWE should cut all ties with Brock at this point. I would not even allow him to perform at WM 33. He should not have been mentioned at all on WWE draft night. Brock screwed himself now and it is bad business for WWE to showcase him on their product.

    Richard I also thought WWE kept going on about new era but on Smackdown Kane buried KO and Sami so much for new era of WWE