Lilian Garcia To Perform At Halftime At Today's New York Jets NFL Game

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As we noted several months ago, Lilian Garcia will perform at halftime of today's San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Jets game at MetLife Stadium.

“This is a wonderful honor,” said Garcia in a release sent to Fox News Latino. “I love the NFL and I’m ready to give the crowd a great, high energy show at halftime as I perform songs from my new EP, ‘My Time.’ This will be the eighth time I’ve sung the national anthem at a Jets Game and I love it. I am particularly honored that I’ve been asked to perform as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. It will be privilege to represent the millions of Hispanics who are proud to call America their home.”

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  • Noah

    I’m watching that game right now

  • ThisGuy

    I wonder what her reaction was like when they got smashed.