Linda McMahon Accused Of Exchanging Wrestlemania Ticket For Political Endorsement

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There's an interesting story making rounds today in the Linda McMahon for Senate campaign. Campaign rival Christopher Shays is making bribing accusations against Linda McMahon as Republican Town Committee chairman John Slater was ringside at Wrestlemania XXVIII in Miami and publicly endorsed McMahon a month later.

"I find it interesting that John Slater went to WrestleMania in Miami, and soon after he returned came out and endorsed Linda McMahon," said Amanda Bergen of the Shays campaign.

Slater has denied the accusations, claiming he attended the show on his own dime and sent a photo of his bank statement and ticket stub for the event to the Greenwich Time. According to the materials sent to the publication, Slater paid $355 for a central rise seat at Wrestlemania. Slater officially endorsed McMahon on May 8th.

"If they're insinuating a bribe, which I can prove never happened, that's totally wrong," Slater told Greenwich Time. "If that's the road that his campaign is now taking, it shows another reason why not to vote for him, because it's a lie."

Click here for full coverage by the Greenwich Time.

  • Loser leave town…

    As the Million Dollar Man has stated….everyone has a price. Leave Mrs. McMahon alone.

  • Jim

    You can't believe a word any of these politicians say. But if he has a receipt and a ticket stub they should charge their accuser with slander or defimation of character.

  • sesrulez

    Central riser tickets was too far from ringside, I paid 650 for a floor ticket and I was like 12 rows behind ringside seats. He needs to explain how he ended at ringside if he paid for a cheap seat,

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I don't like politics, boring as hell. If he has proof he bought his own ticket then that should settle the matter..

  • WNW Fan

    I'll say it before and I'll say it again. If Linda was running as a democrat no one would say a word. And if they did say anything it would be blown off. I'm not a republican and I certainly am not a democrat but it really ticks me off how the dirty democrats will do anything, say anything, make up anything, and try to dig up anything against their opponent in order to buy the necessary votes to get elected. I know republicans aren't perfect either…some of them I can't stand…but look on the news for proof. The democrats think their smarter than any of us. They force their garbage down our throats and expect us to just live with their decisions. The mainstream media backs them up every single time. The biggest problem I have with republicans is that they don't stand up for themselves. If I'm being bullied then I'm not going to "play nice". I'm coming out swinging. I hope Linda is innocent and can prove the democratic rival a fraud. Just my humble opinion.

    • Thursdaynite

      You do know that her accuser Chris Shays is a republican right? He's mainly upset because she's trying to buy a Senate seat that he legitimately worked hard for a right to try and win.

    • meself

      i'm fairly certain you have republicans and democrats mixed up here because if not your the most naively idiotic person in this country.

    • Alex

      You realized you just mixed democrats and republicans right? Next thing you going to tell me is that republicans are fighting so hard for gay marriage while the "evil" democrats try to destroy it. lol. So Naive

  • kok

    I dont care for politics but people should show linda mcmahon respect

    • Alex

      What if she actually did do it? Which I think she did.

  • Alex

    Oh I believe this story.